A cell is like an M60E4

By Garrett Emberton
The nucleus is like the shooter. He or she control how
the gun operates and where it is aimed.
The cell membrane is like the MG42’s receiver, this cycles
ammunition. It lets in new bullets and kicks out spent ones.
The cell wall is like the blueing. This is a protective
coat that keeps the firearm from rusting.
The endoplasmic reticulum Is like the barrel. It
channels and spins the bullet to stabilize it.
Golgi bodies are like the bolt assembly. It strips a
round from the ammo belt I preps it for fire.
The mitochondria is like the powder. It is what causes the whole
rifle to function. The rifle is recoil operated the bullets force
traveling backward during firing kicks out the spent casing, resets
trigger, and puts a new round into battery.
The vacuole is like the spent casing. It is waste
that is kicked from the gun during firing
The ribosomes are like the primer of each
round. When struck it ignites the powder that
causes the whole gun to function.
Plant cells have cell walls and get their energy
from chloroplasts.
Animal cells have cell membranes and get
energy from food.