Unit 2 Persuasive Speech Example of Draft

Unit 2 Persuasive Speech Written Out- Example
Opening: How many of you think guns are necessary to protect yourself? Would you feel
the same way if you knew how often guns are responsible for the death of children? Ads
of and gun lovers may tell you how beautiful and powerful guns are, but never mention how
many people are hurt and negatively affected by guns every day. I, however, will not hide
these realities from you. Background Info: Founding Fathers like George Washington
believed that armed citizens would be the ultimate prevention of government tyranny,
which resulted in the Second Amendment: the right of American citizens to bear arms.
Historically in America we’ve had a deep respect for firearms. Many people have used them
to celebrate American history, for collection, personal protection, hunting and sport.
However, this respect has devolved into a danger to our society. This danger is especially
prevalent in America in the cities of Chicago, Washington D.C., New York City, Los Angeles,
and others. Ironically, violent gun culture is found within cities with the strictest gun laws.
(Transition) This culture must end, and it can only do so by getting rid of guns! (Thesis)
Through extensive research, I have found that guns should not be legal because having
guns creates opportunities for lethal violence, these weapons pose significant risk to the
community, and they create more violence between citizens and law enforcement.
Explanation/Evidence of Reasons:
(Transition)To begin, (Reason 1)Having guns creates opportunities for lethal violence. Often,
guns in the home may be found and misused by children resulting in death. (Evidence) As
reported by the Denver Post, a 3-year-old in Lakewood, Colorado killed his 5-year-old
brother with a family friend's gun. (Evidence)In fact, the Center for Disease Control
reported that a total of 5,740 children and teens died in 2008 and 2009 according to data
from the CDC. This is the equivalent of one child or teen being killed by a gun every three
hours, or eight each day over those two years, or 229 public school classrooms with 25
students each. (Elaborate) Imagine here, at our school, if that many of our classmates
disappeared, forever gone because of senseless gun violence. (How evidence proves thesis)
These statistics and horrific Colorado event illustrate the terror that guns can cause when
accidently in the hands of children. (Transition) What’s more, is that not only children are at
risk for violence when a gun is available, but even an adult may misuse their gun in rage and
kill a loved one. (Evidence) Just recently, the Miami Herald reported that a man shot and
killed his wife in their Miami home and within hours of doing so, also killed himself. “He was
a jokester,” said Tina Polek, a close neighbor, adding that the man was “handy,” and laid tile
on her terrace. “They were a beautiful couple. I just don’t understand what happened. (How
evidence proves thesis) One can see from this Miami incident that having a gun in the house
can lead to a deadly end for even a seemingly happy couple.