Article Title Which sentence(s) in the article helped you to identify

Article Title
sentence(s) in
the article
helped you to
identify the
author’s tone?
What was the
author’s purpose
in writing this
How were you
affected by the
writing? What
did it cause you
to think or feel?
Was the author
effective in
making you think
or feel the way his
or her purpose
intended? Why or
why not?
Article 1:
The sentence
The author’s
The author’s
I think that the
“The argument
purpose seemed writing made
author was
for limiting the
to be to persuade me feel justified successful. I think
Our Sugar
use of food
as well as to
in my opinions that he wanted
stamps to actual inform.
on the topic he the readers to
food is
was writing
think about the
consistent with
about, because subject critically,
he presents his something that
policy” indicated
evidence in
his writing
to me that the
such a
encouraged me to
author was
trying to reason
sounding way.
with the
readers, but
without being
too pushy.
Article 2:
Many of the
The purpose
The authors’
I think that the
sentences made seems to be to
writing made
authors’ purpose
“Beliefs about it clear to me
me feel
was mainly to
that the tone
inform, and I
was academic
think that they
and objective,
although the
were successful in
such as the first
writing style is providing
sentence of the
information to me
the content is
on this topic.
beginning with:
very serious.
“This study
found that…”
There does not
seem to be
Applying your Purpose
You are writing to an audience of adults who are curious about your personal view of gun
control policies in the US. Compose a persuasive paragraph regarding your position in the
box below. Be sure to use a tone that convinces your audience of your views.
It seems that hardly a week goes by in which I do not hear about gun violence in the news.
To me, one of the saddest things about these tragedies is that most of them were
preventable. The United States’ policies on gun control are idealistic. The belief behind these
policies is that allowing “upstanding citizens” to own guns will allow them to protect
themselves from danger; in practice, however, making guns more readily available to the
general population also makes them more readily available to the people who end up using
them to kill. The most effective way to prevent gun violence is to put strict restrictions on
gun sales and ownership, but the U.S. gun control policies indicate that as a nation we are
unwilling to take this step. As long as gun control policies continue to be insufficient, gun
violence will continue to be pervasive, and we will be left fearing for the safety of our
country, our friends, and our families.
Applying your Purpose
You are writing to an audience of adults who would like to know more about gun control in
general. Compose an informative paragraph providing them with factual information. Be
sure to use a tone that conveys the objectivity your audience wants.
In the United States, gun control policies are regulated partly by the federal government and
partly by state governments. Included in federal gun control policies are restrictions on
certain types of firearms and equipment, including machine guns and silencers. Policies that
differ state by state include whether or not a permit is needed to purchase or carry a gun,
and whether firearms must be registered.
For your assignment in this quest, please complete the chart below and attach it as your