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Lanier 1
Shelby Lanier
K. Shimabukuro
3 March 2016
Non Fiction
The definition of nonfiction is something that is true, factual, and may
provide you with information. There are several different types of nonfiction; an
essay, article, or speech.
Examples of an essay are narrative or descriptive essays. The purpose of
an essay is to entertain, inform, or persuade. An example of an article is “Is
Hunting Ethical”, also another example would be “The Ignored Lesson of Anne
Frank”. The purpose of an article is to provide factual information about a topic
or person. An example of a speech is the Presidential Address. The purpose of
a speech is to read something out loud that will entertain, inform, or persuade the
There are several literary elements that are used to discuss nonfiction;
style, tone, perspective, and purpose. For example, style is the way an author
uses language. In class we read an article out of the New York Times, and you
could tell it was written for the paper because it was very descriptive.
Perspective is the author’s point of view about the subject. In “The Ignored
Lesson of Anne Frank”, Bruno Bettelheim believes that the Franks could have
done other things to help save their lives during the Holocaust. And he lets his
opinion show throughout the article. Purpose is the author’s reason for writing.
Lanier 2
Authors may write to inform or entertain. Finally tone is the author’s attitude
toward the subject and the audience. In “Is Hunting Ethical”, Ann Causey
believes that people should only hunt for what they really need, and if they will
use all that they kill.