Third Grade Book Report Format

Third Grade Book Report Format
Nonfiction (Space)
Please use this format to write your non-fiction space book report. Do not turn in
this form. Rather, copy this information in black erasable pen or use a computer
or typewriter for your final copy. Please look at the attached rubric to choose
which grade you would like to achieve. Remember that you should include
examples from the book to support your opinions. Describe the things you
learned in detail!
Paragraph 1: Facts
The title of the book is___________________________________. It was written
by ___________________________ and illustrated by _________________.
The subject of the book is _____________________________________. I
(enjoyed/did not enjoy) reading about this subject because ______________
Paragraph 2: Summary of some of the information in the book
Before I read this book, these are some of the things I knew about this subject:
In reading the book, these are some things I learned about this subject.
(Or…these are some very interesting things I read about this subject.)
Include at least five facts you found the most interesting about your space
subject. Choose one of these facts and tell more details about it.
I (would/would not) recommend this book to others because…………