The Giver" PPT.

by Lois
Since the beginning of time,
human beings have searched for
UTOPIA - a perfect place where
people can lead perfect lives.
The Giver takes place in such
an ideal community.
The Golden Age
The Garden of Eden
A Greek Term
The word utopia was derived from
the Greek ou topos, which means
“no place.”
Some synonyms for utopia are
paradise, arcadia, Shangri-la, and
Modern Day “Utopias”
A “Utopia” is a perfect society. A
“Dystopia” is a world that appears
to be perfect, but is not.
Who invented
No one knows for
sure when the first
“rule” was invented.
There have been formal rules
for people to follow since ancient times.
Golden Rule - Evolved from the Old Testament in
the Bible “Do unto others as you would have them do
unto you.”
Bushido - unwritten code that guided the samurai
I-Li – Ancient Chinese rules on how to behave, dress,
and speak
Gravitas - a traditional rule of dignity that Roman
citizens were expected to live by
Genre - Science Fiction
Based on real or
imaginary scientific
Amazing happenings
New inventions – life,
transportation, cures
Stretches your
A Wrinkle in Time
The Twilight Zone
Star Wars
Star Trek
The X Files
The Giver
Science Fiction Writers
Jules Verne – 1850s
Father of Modern
Science Fiction
Wrote about
elevators, computers,
fax machines,
spaceships, and
moon travel by the
Settings – past,
present, or future
Predicting the future
Time travel
• The setting of the novel is the time and place in
which the action occurs.
• The Giver takes place in some unspecified time
in the future in a place very much like Earth that
can be described as a utopian community.
• As you read, think about what Lois Lowry’s novel
says about our future here on earth – and about
our past.
“The Giver” Setting
• The society seems ideal-• All have a job for which they are
especially suited.
• The elderly and newest members are
lovingly cared for.
• There is much laughter and joy.
Conflict is a problem or struggle
between two characters, a character
and society, a character and nature, or
a problem within a character.
In The Giver, the main conflict is
between Jonas as an individual and
the society in which he lives.