Confirmation Saint Paper

Confirmation Saint Paper
The paper is due on December 3, 2014.
Your Saint paper must be submitted in the following format:
 Your name, the date, and the name of your catechist
must be in the upper left hand corner of the paper,
single spaced.
 The title should be your chosen Saint name and
centered on the page.
 Please use 1 inch margins, a 12 point font, and double
 Indent each paragraph.
 The length should be approximately one page.
The content should include the following:
 A brief description of your saint’s life and miraculous
 The date of your saint’s feast day.
 An explanation of why you chose this particular saint.
 What you admire about him or her.
 A brief description of how you are going to imitate the
life of the saint you chose.
An excellent online source is
Click on saints for extensive resources. Do not use
Wikipedia or non-Catholic websites for information.
Be sure to cite the source that you use for the information.