Final Exam

Name: ________________________________
Total Grade: _____________
Part 1: Prayer Psalms
Fill in the blanks (choose any two you like)
I call on the Lord in my distress, and He (saves, helps, answers) me.
Save me, O Lord from lying (lips, people, evil).
Too long have I lived among those who hate (me, peace, goodness).
I am a man of (God, peace, faith), but when I speak they are for war.
Part 2: Spiritual Talks
Choose the correct answer (choose any two you like)
1- Who do we celebrate in the Coptic New Year?
a) The Martyrs
b) The Angels
2- Who found the Holy Cross which Jesus died on?
a) Saint George
b) Queen Helen
c) Saint Paul
Saint Mary
3- The fruit from the tree from Saint John the short story was called:
a) Fruit of humility
b) fruit of peace
c) fruit of obedience
4- What is the power of the sign of the cross?
a) To thank God
b) keeps away evil
Part 3: Coptic words
c) shows we love others
Please read the assigned word on the board
Part 4: Hymn:
Please sing the hymn assigned to you