Class 6 Homework 16/09/09

Class 6
The children have been given a spelling sheet with words for them to learn. One
side is full of activities to help the children use their new spellings. The other
side has a fold line so that the children can copy the words, then cover them to
write again without looking.
This half term we will be working on tenses and verbs. This week’s activity sheet
revises the past, present and future tenses. I would like the children to cut out
the sentences, then say them aloud before sorting them into past, present and
future tenses. They may want to make up slips of their own, recording additional
sentences that can be spoken aloud, then placing them in the correct group.
Victorian Experience
On Wednesday 12th October we are planning a Victorian Experience for the
children in Class 6. Members of CANW and the Living Streets project would like
to retrace the route taken by the orphans from the orphanage to Salesbury
School. Please could I ask you to drop your children off AT THE ORPHANAGE at
9.00 am on this particular day. We would also like the children to dress up in
Victorian clothes (please resurrect the clothes the children wore for the
Victorian Day last year). Thank you for your support… I am hoping this event will
make history come alive for the children.
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