Assignment: Culture Name:

Assignment: Culture
You have seen a variety of magazine images and articles from the Victorian Age, now write
about the following:
1. How can a magazine reflect a particular time and culture? What words or phrases make it
stand out from a particular period of time? Use examples in your response.
2. How do current magazines target different populations and therefore have different
content? (For example which you may not use; Seventeen magazine targets teenage girls
interested in the latest fashions while Working Mother targets women trying to juggle
their careers and motherhood.)
3. Completing your own research and using what you’ve learned in this unit, write from the
point of view of a candidate competing for the title "Ideal Victorian Woman." You’ve
been asked to address a committee of contestant judges in writing. (Sort of a Victorian
version of the Miss America pageant).
Answer following questions:
What skills or qualities make you the Ideal Victorian Woman?
How have you spent most of your life?
What have been the guiding influences in your life?
Why do you feel qualified to serve as a role model for other Victorian women?
On what merits should the ideal Victorian woman be judged?