Identity Essay Rubric

Satire Analysis Rubric Honors
Due: Thursday, February 4, 2010
We will have one day to work in the computer lab on
Wednesday, January 27, 2010.
This project grade will lose 20% for each day late.
Name:_________________________________________ Period: ____________
A copy of the satirical piece is attached to the analysis paper.
Introductory paragraph (Underline or highlight your thesis)
Example of satire is fully analyzed
_____ /30
Subject of satire
Satirical devices used (at least two)
Author’s purpose
Effectiveness of the satire
Summary paragraph (Adds to the paper as a whole)
_____ /10
Standard rules of grammar/spelling/usage are followed.
_____ /10
The analysis is well-written (Student obviously put effort into it.)
_____ /20
Writing flows well / is easy to read.
Sentence structure is varied.
Transitions are used effectively.
Times New Roman, 12 point
Double spaced
Overall grade
Use this rubric as your cover page.
_____ /100