2-Restoration Stations

Restoration Stations
Directions: You will be going to four different stations to execute activities related to the Restoration Period in
England. At each station, you need to work to complete the assigned activity.
Station 1: Industrialize Me, Please
Many things were changing during the Industrial Revolution. Both for the good and for the bad. But there is
no doubt that the inventions during this time period changed the world we know today. For this station, you
will take on the persona of an inventor from the time period and market their invention.
You need to consider who their consumer would be and what would be appealing to them.
For example, if you’re selling farming equipment, you audience would obviously be farmers. They would
most likely be interested in cutting down working time and reducing labor, which, in turn, would save them
Once you’ve done that, you should create your ad.
Station 2: Tough Times
The city of London changed dramatically after the Great Fire of 1666. Contrast “old” London before the fire
with the rebuilt city.
You can look at whatever interests you such as important buildings that were destroyed and their
replacements, movement from the central city to the suburbs, the pre vs. post first architecture.
Your product can be whatever you want it to be (ie illustration, essay, Venn diagram, etc.). However, it needs
to thoughtful and embody the main idea of what you chose.
Station 3: Makin’ Things Right with the Monarchy
Of the monarchs represented during the Restoration period (King Charles II, King James II, Queen Mary and
King William, Queen Anne, King George I, King George II, King George III) and create a visual representation
that captures the spirit of the times reflected in art, music, and literature. Include visuals as well as dates and
names. Also include the king or queen’s name who ruled during that time period as well as the dates of
his/her reign.
This could be a timeline or a collage.
Station 4: Satire, Sarcasm, and Some Serious Observations
We know that satire is used to point out aspects of society that people feel need to be changed. This is
typically done in a humorous and outlandish way… think South Park and SNL. The key to effective satire is
that it gets your message across without being offensive. Nothing is going to change if everyone is angry at
the world.
It is your job to research social problems during the 17th and 18th centuries in England. Then choose something
you feel needed to be changed and create a satirical look at that problem.
How you chose to present your satire is up to you. You may want to write a skit, write a children’s book, or
create a cartoon. It’s up to you!
Be prepared to explain all of your elements during your presentation!