Revolutionary War Presentation

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Revolutionary War Figure Presentation
This project will have you:
1. develop your skills in researching a historical Revolutionary War figure,
2. produce an interesting 2-3 minute narrative (approximate) about that person’s
background and contributions to history,
3. create a poster (with a hole for your face) of that person based on his/her probable
appearance using paint, fabric, markers, old clothing, etc.
(only show head and body; no arms/legs)
4. present your narrative to your classmates as if you are the person using “I”
You will select in class one of the following Revolutionary War figures to research (only
one student per person): highlight the person your teacher has approved
Patrick Henry
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Abigail Adams
Betsy Ross
Samuel Adams
John Adams
Deborah Sampson
Molly Pitcher (Mary
Ludwig Hays)
John Paul Jones
General Henry Knox
King George III
Thaddeus Kosciuszko
Richard Henry Lee
Alexander Hamilton
Thomas Paine
Benjamin Franklin
Benedict Arnold
Paul Revere
John Hancock
Margaret Corbin
Crispus Attucks
Nathan Hale
Ethan Allen
“Mad” Anthony
Sybil Ludington
Mercy Otis Warren
General Francis
Lydia Barrington
Nathanael Greene
Marquis de Lafayette
Baron Friedrich von
Gen. Horatio Gates
Gen. Baron de Kalb
Gen. Daniel Morgan
George Rogers Clark
Dr. Benjamin Rush
Martha Washington
Phillis Wheatley
Due: May 8, 11 and 12, 2015
Research: Using at least three sources for research (including a written works cited
page), you will create notes about your hero’s life, finding interesting or informative
stories about him/her. Possible sources of information include biographies,
encyclopedias, the Internet, reference books, etc.
Presentation: You will be writing and preparing to deliver an approximate 2-3 minute
presentation highlighting the most important or interesting information about your Rev.
War figure. You will create a “poster” of a likeness of that particular person that will be
used in your presentation. See next page for information about content of presentation.
Content of Presentation:
You must use typed or neatly written 5 by 8 index cards during your presentation. These
cards will be collected after the presentation and must be written in your own words.
Card 1: Introduction (first 15-20 seconds)
 Must wear poster during presentation
 Grab the audience’s attention in a creative or imaginative way:
 Create a vignette (very short story and act it out)
Examples: writing a letter, in court or a meeting, hunting, working at
your house or job, riding in a carriage, riding a horse and stopping to
rest, sewing, in the midst of a battle, etc. (This may/may not include
your name yet)
 The vignette must be memorized so you do not need to look at cards
but you must write down what you will say and do
Card 2: Early life through childhood
 Formal introduction if not done yet
 Date of birth, birthplace
 Parent’s names, siblings, schooling, shocking or unusual
Card 3: Adult life
 Most interesting accomplishments and information
Card 4: Contribution
 State/restate their most important contribution to our country
Card 5: Conclusion
 Explain why you think this person should be remembered in history
 Death date, where buried
 Mention how Americans continue to pay tribute to this person (statue,
plaque, building names, etc.) and where they can be found
 Thank your audience (maybe connect it to your vignette in a creative
Card 6: Works Cited
 3 sources must be cited (follow directions/examples as given)
 Must be typed then can be printed on card or glued onto card