Revolutionary War Research Project Outline

Revolutionary War Research Project Outline
With a partner (you may work alone), your job is to create a presentation detailing the
life of your assigned topic from the Revolutionary War. Your grade will be based on the
guidelines of the provided rubric. This will be your first grade of the 2nd Quarter.
Within your project, you are to clearly define & discuss the following information about
your topic:
- Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Parents Names, Siblings
- Upbringing
- Education/Military Training (If applicable)
- Facts (7-10 facts) about your topic during the Revolutionary War (1775-1783)
- Life After the Revolutionary War
- When, Where & How your topic died
- Legacy (Why is your topic so important?...why should we know about this 230 years
- Reference Page (at least 5 sources; must be cited correctly)
_____ Timeline
_____ Journal Entries
_____ Storybook
_____ Poster board
1. Pick one of the formats above for your presentation and begin thinking creatively.
2. Begin researching information & complete the graphic organizer.
3. Create project!
4. Ask for ideas and help as needed!
5. Your FINAL product will be due Tuesday, October 20th. NO EXCEPTIONS! Late work
will not be accepted for this project.
Grading Procedures
You will have 4 days of participation points: Days 4, 5, 6, and 7 (we work in class). You
can earn up to 80 participation points throughout the project work days. In order to
earn your 80 participation points, you must follow the daily outline of assignments
listed below:
Day 1 (10/8): Introduce Project and Topic Assigned
Day 2 (10/9): Research Day: In class
Day 3 (10/13): Research Day: In Class
Day 4 (10/14): Research Day, Computer Lab. Graphic Organizer Complete and Due
(20 points).
Day 5 (10/15): ). Life Before the Revolutionary War Portion Complete (20 points)
Day 6 (10/16): Life During the Revolutionary War Portion Complete (20 points)
Day 7 (10/19) Life After the Revolutionary War, Legacy, & References Portion
Complete (20 points). Final Preparations and Project Completed
Day 8 (10/20) Presentations Begin (20 points)
-Prior to beginning your project, you are to have your graphic organizer approved by
Mr. Bowman. (No later than Day 4, 10/14)
-You are to distribute the work evenly between yourself and your partner.
No plagiarism will be accepted. Any signs of plagiarism will result in an
automatic zero for the research project. It is to be solely your own work & stated
in your own words. NO COPY & PASTE! Remember you are the expert on your
The overall project is worth 100 points; 80 points for the project and 20 points for your
As long as you remain on task & follow the outline provided, you should have no
problem completing the assignment on time. This is also your FIRST grade of the 2nd
quarter; making its’ quality that much more important. If any questions or problems
arise, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.
 John Adams
 George Washington
 Thomas Jefferson
 Samuel Adams
 Benedict Arnold
 Benjamin Franklin
 Patrick Henry
 Paul Revere
 Thomas Paine
 Abigail Adams
 King George III
 James Madison
 Ethan Allen
 Henry Knox
 Marquis de Lafayette
 Alexander Hamilton
 Betsy Ross
 John Hancock
 James Monroe
 William Howe
 Marquis de Lafayette
 Horatio Gates
 Nathaniel Greene
 Charles Cornwallis