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November 2011
ACAP and The Cape Breton Regional Municipality would like to say “Thank
You” to all students who participated in the Water Poster Contest. Over 1000 posters throughout
the school board were submitted. Out of all the posters submitted we would like to congratulate
the following Shipyard Elementary students who won Honorary Mentions and had their posters
displayed at the Mayflower Mall on October 29th and October 30th. Congratulations go to:
Angelique Quessy, Harmony Durham MacIntrye, Jacob Wolodka, Alexandria Kachafanas all of
Grade 3A, Mrs. Thistle’s class and MacKenzie Marshall, Dylan Fraser, Dylan MacDonald of
Grade 3B, Mr. Marsh’s class.
School Travel Survey
Parent/Guardian(s) are reminded to fill out and return to the school the School Travel Planning
Survey that was sent home with your son/daughter last week. The survey should only take 5
minutes to complete and is very critical to the success of this project at Shipyard Elementary.
All surveys must be returned to the school no later than Thursday, November 3rd. We appreciate
you taking the time to complete this survey with your child.
Subway Cards
Shipyard Elementary would like to say “Thank You” to all who participated in one of
Shipyard Elementary’s newest fundraisers. The Subway Cards proved to be a huge
success and a very nutritional fundraiser. We are almost sold out of the Subway Cards
and if you haven’t purchased one but plan on doing so, you have until Wednesday,
November 8th. There are no expiry dates on the card, which is another benefit.
Remembrance Day Ceremony
Shipyard will hold its annual Remembrance Day Ceremony on Tuesday, November 8th
at 1:15 pm in the Gym. Poppies will be handed out to all students for the ceremony.
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are welcome to attend!
No School
There will be no school on Thursday, November 11 (Remembrance Day), Friday,
November 25th (Parent Teacher meetings) and Monday, November 28th (Conference
Report Cards - Parent/Teacher Interviews
Report Cards will be issued on Tuesday, November 22nd. Parent/Teacher
Sessions will be held on Thursday, November 24th from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. at Shipyard
Elementary School. On Friday, November 25th, sessions will be held at Membertou
from 9:00 a.m - 10:30 a.m. and at Shipyard Elementary School from 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.
Please ensure you return your child’s signed Parent/Teacher Session Form with the
time and date you would like to meet with his/her teacher.
A reminder to parents, that we only have 3 microwaves in our Cafeteria. Please do not
send items such as Kraft Dinner, Pizza Pops, Mr. Noodle, etc. These items take too
long to heat and as a result, some children do not have enough time to finish their
lunch. A Thermos is a great alternative!
Cold Weather
As we get closer to winter, parents are reminded that students will be going out for
recess and lunch, students should dress appropriately with warm jackets, hats, mitts
Students and staff will receive ten (10) Even Split tickets to sell. The student who sells
the most tickets will receive $30.00 and the seller of the winning ticket. will receive
$25.00 . All tickets and money must be returned to the school by Monday, December
5th. . Draw to take place at our Christmas Concert December 7th 2011. Fundraising
continues to be the only way to provide students with bussing for fieldtrips at no cost to
the student/parent. Most fieldtrips require bussing fees. Each year individual classes
go on a number of field trips such as: swimming, McConnell Library, Skating, Empire
Theater, Wildlife Park, etc. We encourage you to participate in our fundraising efforts
so that we can continue to provide all our students the opportunity to attend these
When passing in your $10.00, we ask that it be in bill form. No loose change,
Boston Pizza Receipts
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are reminded to have your Boston Pizza receipt stamped and
placed in the box at the checkout at Boston Pizza. A 10% donation of all receipts will
be donated to our school. There are a number of schools taking advantage of this
fundraiser, so please make sure your receipt goes in the correct box. Once again, we
thank you for your support.
Our skating program this year at C200
(9:30am – 10:30 am) will start in November and end in February for all students. The
schedule is as follows:
Grades P-3: November 2, December 8,
January 18 and February 16
Grades 4-6: November 9, December 15,
January 25
February 16. (This day only 10:45 am-11:45am)
Parents/Guardians are reminded that it is mandatory to wear a CSA approved skating
or hockey helmet. Students will not be permitted on the ice without helmets. All
students must come to school to be bussed to Centre 200 with their class.
School Cancellation
Due to Inclement Weather
Parents/guardians are advised that it is their decision whether or not to send their
children to school on days of inclement weather.
In the event of serious weather conditions that necessitate school cancellations, a
general announcement will be made over the local radio stations starting at 7:00 a.m.
and intermittently until 8:45 a.m.
If a cancellation must be made during the school day, every effort will be made to have
this decision made and announced in the schools and on the radio before 11:00 a.m.
Parents/guardians should ensure that alternate arrangements have been made for
the children.
When school is cancelled, all co-curricular, extra-curricular and community education
activities scheduled for that day are also cancelled.
Milk Program
This year the cost of milk will be $ 1.75/ 5 day week and $1.40/ 4 day. Money
will be collected every Friday. Parent/Guardian(s) wishing to pay on a monthly
basis can do so.
Total for the Month of November $ 5.95
November 4
November 11
$ 1.75
November 18
$ 1.40
November 25
$ 1.40
Alternate Plan Due to School Cancellation
We ask that you send the Information Form – “School Cancellation” that was sent home
with your child to be filled out and sent back to the school. Please make sure your child
knows where he/she is to go in the event that school is cancelled during the school day
(mid-morning). This does not mean a phone number to call, as we
are limited in the number of phone lines.
Your child should know an
alternate plan if you are not at home during the day.
Fantastic Four
“The Fantastic Four” - Respect for Self, Others, Environment and Learning is an
ongoing program at Shipyard Elementary School. Respect for self and ways to
accomplish this are listed below:
The month of November will be focused on RESPECT FOR ENVIRONMENT.
Please encourage your children to show Respect by
1. Pick up any litter
2. Use eco-friendly products
3. Be sensitive to the people around you
4. Recycle, reuse and reduce
5. Respect idle free zones
6. Clean up your mess in the cafeteria,
other people need to eat there too!!
November Dates To Remember
November 1
November 2
November 6
November 6
November 8
November 9
November 10
November 11
November 17
November 22
November 17
November 22
November 24
November 24
November 25
November 28
November 29
Even Split Tickets
C200 Skating (Grades P-3)
Milk Money ($1.40)
Clocks Go Back One Hour
Remembrance Day Service
1:15 pm
C200 Skating (Grades 4-6)
Milk Money
Remembrance Day
No School
Milk Money
Reports Cards
C200 Skating (Grades 4-6)
NSCC Presentation Misuse of Social Media (Gr. 4-6)
Milk Money
Parent Teacher (Shipyard Elementary)
Parent/Teacher Interviews
No School
Parent Teacher Membertou – 9:00am-10:30 am
Shipyard - 12:30pm-2:30 pm
Conference Day
No School
NSCC Presentation Gender Issues (GR. 4-6)
We know how much everyone enjoys reading the newsletter each month.
So, in order to make sure the newsletter gets home, we
thought we would offer a bit of an incentive. If your child completes, returns
this portion of the newsletter, and answers the following question, we will
enter the name of the child in a draw.
Name one of Shipyard Elementary’s focus on
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Child’s Name: ____________________________________
Child’s Grade: ____________________________________
Congratulations to Allison MacLeod, in Mr. Carew’s 6B class! Allison correctly
answered the question on RESPECT in the October Newsletter and won a
GOTCHA prize.