Citrix Server Reboot Schedule

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Topic – Citrix Server Reboot Schedule
Every Saturday and Sunday of every week at 6.00AM an automatic script will initiate Citrix server reboots.
Users currently logged onto one of the affected servers will get the following message on the screen:
"The Citrix server you are connected to is scheduled for maintenance, and will be shutdown. Please save
all your work and logoff! Immediately after logoff you can logon again and resume your will
now be connected to a different server."
Once users log off and log back on they will no longer see the message as they will be working on a
different server not scheduled for reboot that day.
Users that ignore the first message will be able to continue working, but the message will be displayed
every hour until 3.30PM when the server will close all remaining user sessions.
It is important to educate users to read the message on the screen and follow the instructions,
otherwise they might lose data and documents, or be logged off at inconvenient times.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reboot script is running as a scheduled task on both data collectors. Half of Citrix servers are restarted
on Saturday and half on Sunday. A logfile named server_verify_mm-dd-yyyy_hh-mm.txt will be created
and will list the status of each server. If more than 50% of servers fail to come back online after reboot a
message is sent to