YBPS Guidelines

Purpose of the YBPS
To promote rapid genetic improvement via reduced generation intervals and
improved selection differentials.
To improve the accuracy of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) by increasing the
connectedness (related animals) among herds.
Rules for qualification
For breeds using Signet’s Beefbreeder
 bulls must be in the top 10% of the breed for both Beef Value (BV) and Calving
Value (CV)
For breeds using ABRI’s Breedplan
 bulls must be in the top 10% of the breed for Muscle Area, 400 Day Growth and
Calving Ease Direct EBVs.
A bull in the top 10% for BV or Muscle Area and 400 Day Growth EBVs, and above
average for CV or Calving Ease Direct EBV would be acceptable. Bulls with
exceptional performance in one trait but not in the top 10% of the breed for
carcase, growth or calving traits will be considered for inclusion if they are likely to
improve the breed in a desirable direction. Bulls must be under 30 months old on
the date of submission. Bulls must have 200 and 400-day weights, and scans
recorded to be considered.
The Breed Society must approve the nomination.
EBLEX will seek nominations twice a year in June and December. Nominations
should be sent to Carol Davis by the dates notified to the breed societies. In each
round two bulls will be selected from all nominations received, across all breeds.
Bulls will be chosen on the basis of selection differential within the breed, i.e., the
nearer they are to the highest Beef Value or Muscle and 400 Day Growth the better
the chance of selection for the scheme. The society will be informed of the
outcome within one month of the nomination deadline.
EBLEX will contribute £2,500 to the costs of putting a bull through the YBPS. The
money will be payable to the Breed Society in two parts, £1,250 when semen has
been successfully collected, and £1,250 when the semen has been distributed, with
a list of breeders involved being submitted to Carol Davis as proof.
The fee payable to the owner of the bull is to be determined by the Breed Society.
Previously the fee was £800. If an AI company owns the bull, or wishes to
purchase the bull, the £2,500 can be used by the AI company.
The breed society will be responsible for all negotiations with breeders or AI
companies, and for all costs above the £2,500 contributed by EBLEX.
The breed society is responsible for arranging the semen collection, and
distribution of at least 100 straws of semen, free of charge, to at least 20 different
herds. Each herd in receipt of free semen must be a member of an EBLEX
approved performance recording scheme. Further straws can be distributed at the
discretion of the Breed Society in agreement with the bull owner.
EBLEX may use successful bulls as case studies for publicising the YBPS. The
relevant Breed Society will be informed of any activities.
Revised June 2011