Your Career: How to Make It Happen

Chapter 14: Take Charge of Your Career
Be a Team Player
Jason knows from research with employers and through other sources that teamwork skills are
particularly important and highly valued by companies today. He is currently finishing up his
course work and will be seeking interviews in approximately two months. In the meantime, he
wants to learn more about what employers are looking for with regard to teamwork so he can
prepare to demonstrate his own collaborative skills.
Note: See also Teamwork Skills in Chapter 2, page 27
Case Study Questions
1. To help Jason with his interview preparation, explain ways an employee can be an effective
team player.
2. What are specific examples of situations that demonstrate your good teamwork skills?
3. Besides being a team player, what are some other ways job candidates should prepare to get
a successful start in a new job?
Chapter 14: Take Charge of Your Career
Case Study A
Your Career: How to Make It Happen, 7e
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