Strictly Classified The Importance of Teamwork

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Strictly Classified
An Informational Bulletin Published by the Personnel Commission
The Importance of Teamwork
How employees work together as a team can have a huge impact on the
employees themselves as well as the organization as a whole. Teamwork enables employees who have complementary skills to pool their
knowledge and skill sets together to achieve a common purpose. Working in a team-oriented environment can benefit both you and the District.
The importance of developing your teamwork skills becomes apparent when you look at all the benefits involved. Here are some examples of the advantages that can be gained when using teamwork:
Increases job performance and job satisfaction. These two factors are often closely related. People tend
to have a higher level of job satisfaction as their performance increases. When you work with a team of
people, their strengths can help with areas you’re weaker in and vice versa. As skills are learned from one
another, each individual’s performance will improve. Tasks that were once too difficult will become more
manageable, thereby raising an employee’s self-esteem.
Cultivates camaraderie among staff members. The increased interaction between employees who are
working as a team can help build stronger working relationships. The sense of belonging to the team that
employees develop also encourages an increased sense of commitment and dedication to the team’s mission.
Necessitates improved communication between employees. Working on a team together with other employees compels team members to communicate with each other. Employees who communicate regularly
will be on the same page regarding department policies, existing concerns of the department, and the progress of the department’s projects and processes.
Emphasizes the value of diverse viewpoints. Work teams will benefit from having diversity among its
members when they work together to solve problems or brainstorm for ideas. Having different perspectives
can be of great value for providing a diverse perspective to the team.
David Iwata, Chair  Henry Jones, Vice Chair  Ann Young-Havens  Karen Martin, Personnel Director  (213) 891-2333
March 2014
Promotes a culture of life-long learning. Employees working on a team can turn to one another for assistance when it comes to learning concepts and developing new skills. Work can become less monotonous when it turns into a learning experience. You also gain the advantage of learning from others’ mistakes so that they are not repeated.
Dealing with different personalities and perspectives can be both challenging and rewarding. Fully understanding the benefits of teamwork highlights the rewards of working well with others in a team environment.
Keep these benefits in mind in your everyday exchanges with coworkers and when you are called upon to
work on projects in a team setting.
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