Make your own Fossil

Seashore ART
Make your own Fossil!
 Illustrate the process of fossilisation
 Create realistic fake fossils
 Empty butter tubs
 Sand
 Plaster of Paris
 Sea Shells
 Cooking Oil
 Kitchen Roll
 Paint and brushes
 Discuss the process of fossilisation
 Put 1cm of sand in the bottom of your tub
 Choose some shells and rub them with kitchen paper dipped in oil
 Arrange the shells on the sand
 Sprinkle a mixture of sand and Plaster of Paris (50/50) over the shells until a level
surface is formed
 Sprinkle water on the sand to make it damp
 Wait until the Plaster of Paris is set
 Gently ‘break’ the rock to find the ‘fossils’ inside
 Paint your moulds to make them look more realistic!
Seashore Sculpture
1. Split the group up into teams of 2 or 4
2. Using natural materials only challenge them to design and build a sculpture of something
new they have discovered on their visit to the seashore
3. Remind them not to build too near a rising tide!