My Camp Experience - Tematauranga School

It was a heavenly and stunning day
at long bay beach. We were so
enthusiastic that we woke up at the
crack of dawn .Isn’t that right
teachers .The sand was as soft as
play-dough .The water had left
stroke marks on the sand .The sun
reflected on the satellite making it
a sun shining day .It was so windy
it felt as if an elephant blowing
directly at you .You could hear
everyone tumbling down stairs .We
met up on the deck .One by one we
were sent into the dining hall .We
had a choice corn flakes or rice
bubbles .I picked rice bubbles .We
took our seats an ate .We chatted to
our next door neighbours .It was
noisy as if the zoo escaped next
door .I think camp is the coolest
thing ever .
By Beyonce