seashore hydraulci center

Seashore group of Companies is one of the largest
multi-disciplined business enterprises in the State
of Qatar operating from its permanent base in Al
Khor about 50km north of Doha City. The owner
and Chairman of the Group, Mr. Saeed Salem Al
Mohannadi, a Qatari businessman, and the
Managing Director, Mr. Mohamed Ali, an Indian
entrepreneur, established the company in 1989.
From its humble beginnings of three workers and
meager assets, Seashore has grown to a business
conglomerate of over 2,500 employees with
current assets totaling over QR 700 million
accumulated during its 20 years of operation.
Seashore Group now comprises twelve Divisions that are operated by highly
qualified managers, technical professionals, skilled technicians and tradesmen,
and supported by a wide range of plants, machineries, equipment and vehicles,
well-equipped factories, workshops and laboratory and fully-equipped camp
facilities for its staff and workers.
The 12 Divisions of Seashore that are fully integrated to provide clients and
customers with high-quality customer service and products are:
Seashore Engineering & Contracting W.L.L. (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Painting &
Carpentry Divisions)
Seashore Galvanizing Factory
Seashore Waste Management
Seashore Heavy Equipment & Logistics
Seashore Hydraulics and Fuel Injection Systems
Seashore Trading Company
Seashore Stevedoring Company
Seashore Food Center
Seashore Tiles & Pavers
Seashore Steel & Pipes
Seashore Tyre recycling Factory
Seashore Instrumentation & Automation Solutions (SIAS)
proficient trader and sales & service provider for various fields of fluid
mechanics such as hydraulics & fuel injection systems. With over 5 years
experience in the Qatar, Seashore Hydraulic Center is now a major player in
the States hydraulic industry. We at Seashore provide the highest quality and
accurate service to our valued customers by offering them a full range
material supply and services in different hydraulics/electro hydraulic
equipments systems.
Our HYDRAULIC DIVISION, managed by professionals with a proactive clear
operating procedures and strict quality assurance standards offer a total
service package on the complete range of hydraulic equipments, machines
(Mobile, Industrial and Marine), valves, pumps, motors, cylinders etc and
provide accurate testing and certification with the help a fully equipped test
bench, the best of its kind in the State of Qatar. Our division provides a 24
hour on call site service backup for most of the fields such as hydraulic
hoses assembly, cylinder rebuilding etc.
Hiab Loader cranes offer a
complete range of capacities &
outreach featuring modern
technology developed to ensure
that the product will operate at
peak performance, less
maintained and provide operator
with safer, more comfortable
working environment.
The lifting capacity of loader
cranes ranges from 0.8 to 92
tonne meters with an outreach of
2 to over 30 meters.
Multilift Demountables are global market leader in the supply of load handling systems and
solutions for logistics and transport professionals.
Multilift equipment has long been associated with being the market leader in the supply of
hook loaders, and skiploader build quality, product reliability, excellent residual value and
those features combined with the excellent service backup, have proven to be very
successful the market place.
Hiab Moffett Truck-Mounted Forklift gives you the competitive edge,
delivering more products in less time, with fewer vehicles and improved
customer service.
Zepro offers powerful, stable and reliable tail lifts that will withstand any type
of climate you expose them to.
Zepro increases the ease of use and efficiency of distribution vehicles as well
as profitability to fleet owners.
Ceksan road sweeping machines have been classified as one of the best
cleaning solutions for the toughest dirty roads in many countries.
The Ceksan sweeping machines can be mounted on truck as well as towed
type sweepers are available the range starting from 4 cbm upto 10 cbm.
Thor Middle East L.L.C, formerly known as Hiab Middle East L.L.C is a fully
owned subsidiary of Gavelås Förvaltning AB, Sweden, owned by Mr. Greger
Jacobson, Chairman of Thor Middle East L.L.C.
Thor Middle East LLC has been operating in the region as Hiab Middle East
L.L.C for over 7 years and is currently the clear market leader in UAE, having
a market share of 45% on Loader cranes and 93% on Demountables.
Centred in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Thor Middle East L.L.C, is the
regional importer for HIAB, responsible for Sales, Parts & Service Support for
countries in Middle East, North East Africa & the Sub-Continent.
Platform Basket was founded by a group of highly experienced professionals,
who have joined their specialist skills in manufacturing, hydraulics, design
and aerial work platforms, to create a modern and dynamic Company, which
is in continuous development.
Platform Basket offer an extensive range of products from 12 to 48 meters
working height for use in many work sectors and specialize particularly in
three types of aerial work platforms; Tracked spiders and self-propelled
articulating and self-propelled telescopic booms, for use in construction and
internally with electric power.
Cappellotto S.p.A., world leader for the production of truck chassis mounted
equipment, used for the suction of sewage wastes from sewers, for the high
pressure cleaning of ducts and pipes, for the suction of sludge, dry and solid
materials and for the transportation of dangerous goods. Our equipment is
known all over the world: it operates in more than 40 countries and is
appreciated for the quality, high capacity, reliability and safety.
Oil & Steel S.p.A. is a dynamic company specializing in the manufacture of
aerial platforms, which managed to earn the complete confidence of the
Italian and European markets, in matter of years, gaining significant market
shares. The Oil & Steel product range consists of 5 lines and over 30 models,
which can be mounted on trucks ranging upwards of 3.5 tonnes.
Bagela is a family-owned company with a highly efficient structure which
enables our employees to make the very most of their skills. Benefit from our
wealth of experience, engineering ingenuity and high-quality "Made in
Germany" products. The combination of the German professional training
system, experienced employees and flexible management has engendered a
highly innovation-focused mindset which is reflected in our range of
Pipe and cable pushers
Blow in systems for cables and micro tube
Asphalt recyclers
Cable extractions and cutting devices
Combijet is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of industrial
cleaning and high pressure water blasting equipment.
The product serves a wide variety of applications, while offering the highest
standards and equipment to fit every industry, whether it is marine, offshore,
construction or industrial sectors.
Our range covers a wide variety of heavy duty products, Including Hot and
Cold pressure washers (from 150 bar up to 250 bar), Heavy Duty Jet Cleaners
(from 350 bar up to 500 bar) and High Pressure Water Blasters (from 800
bar up to 3300 bar).
Hidromak gives render service such as on-vehicle equipment manufacturing,
parts provision and repair and maintenance services to their customer
The rear loading & compacting hydraulic garbage compactor ranges from
7cbm upto 35 cbm
Türk Motor Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (TÜMOSAN) was established in
1975 to manufacture engine drive and power trains and similar equipment,
but later focused its activities on diesel engine and tractor production. The
first diesel engine manufacturer of Turkey, TÜMOSAN not only provided
diesel engines to tractors with the same brand, but also produced diesel
engines for brands like TÜRK TRAKTÖR and OTOYOL for long years.
The tractor models range starts fro 50 HP TO 95 HP.
Safkar Brand which is identical with the air conditioner of the bus we are
travelling in it, that of the train we board every day, that of the underground
railway, and car coolers carrying milks of our children, provides services to
you for more than quarter century
Safkar has gradually grown and become one of the most important
companies of the world to this extent with its products such as air
conditioners for buses, midibus, minibus, and refrigerators, air conditioners
for underground railways, trolley cars, light rail and trains as well as its
products of defense industry and worldwide engineering services.
Sunfab SC is a series of piston pumps with a fixed displacement for mobile
and stationary hydraulics. Sunfab SC covers the entire displacement range
34-130 cc/rev at a maximum working pressure of 40 MPa. Sunfab meets the
market high demands on flow performance, pressure efficiency and small
installation dimensions.
Variable Pumps
The company Contarini Leopoldo Srl with over 6o years of experience in
hydraulics is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders and components.
The wide range of standard products in stock and the competence to support
its customers by manufacturing custom-made cylinders makes the company
a versatile and reliable partner.
The Fuel Injection division offers various kinds of fuel injection services such
as inspection and cleaning of injector nozzles, repair and calibration of fuel
injector pumps etc, with Bosch trained service personnel. Our division also
offers a testing facility for diesel pumps with the latest Bosch test bench, the
best of its kind in Doha at present. We also offer a spare part division for all
the various needs of our valued customers.
EPS 815 - Universal component test bench with 15KW power output
Ability to Calibrate newest generation and common rail pumps & Injectors
Environmentally Compatible
Reduction in oil vaporization and mist
High accuracy tests
High speed calibration
We services the following diesel injection solutions
Computerized Hydraulic Test Bench
Hose Crimping
Workshop services
On site services
Mobile service van