Resource FM Ltd provide selection, recruitment and placement services to a wide range of
enterprises within the construction, engineering, commercial, financial and associated
Resource FM Ltd recognise its responsibility to ensure that the company’s activities do the
least possible damage to the environment and is committed to a policy of environmental
management throughout these activities ensuring that the services provided to our clients
take into consideration the environmental effects of our actions.
To this effect the Directors of Resource FM Ltd will:Ensure compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations in
relation to our operations;
Control waste produced as a result of our activities with the aim of reducing waste
sent to landfill sites and to use recycling facilities, where they exist;
Minimise all emissions and discharges, noise, gaseous, solid and liquid, ensuring
compliance with statutory regulations;
Consider the environmental effects and where appropriate, pollution prevention, in
all business decisions including the purchase of materials, plant and equipment;
Minimise the use of vehicles, materials, fuel and energy;
Review the processes and systems with the aim of continuously improving the
company’s environmental management performance.
Provide adequate resources for the achievement of these aims with specific
objectives / targets being set and reviewed during the various meetings at Director
level or within the meetings held as part of the quality management system;
Encourage all third parties involved with the business to adopt a policy of
environmental management.
The Operations Director is responsible for ensuring that this policy is communicated to all
company personnel with a copy of the environmental policy displayed on the notice
All company personnel are required to fully cooperate in the operation of this policy.
APPROVED BY:----------------------------------(Director)
Resource FM Ltd
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