Weather Patterns Study Guide

Weather Patterns Study Guide
(Chapter 3 in textbook)
Assignments to study from in your binder
(Some answer keys to these are posted on Mrs. Magrini’s webpage under “Weather Handouts”)
o “What’s Up Front?” (answer key provided)
o “Meteorology Warm-Ups- Air masses and fronts” and “Meteorology Warm-Ups- Storms”
(stapled together)
o Weather Map Symbols
o “You’re All Wet!!” packet (weather map symbols)
o “Meteorology Warm-Ups- Predicting the weather”
Textbook: Review your reading sections!!
Air Masses and Fronts (pg 72-79)
 Vocabulary
o Air mass
o Front
o Maritime
o Continental
o Polar
o Tropical
 Types of Fronts- cold, warm, stationary, occluded
 Cyclones/ Anticyclones
o Cyclones- Lows- winds spiral toward center and up
 Associated with clouds, wind, and precipitation
o Anticyclones- Highs- winds spiral away from center and down
 Associated with dry, clear weather
Storms (pg 80-89)
o Vocabulary
o Storm
o Thunderstorm
o Lightning
o Tornado
o Storm surge
o Hurricane
o Evacuate
o Types of storms- thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms
o Know how each storm forms.
o Know how to prepare for each storm/ keep safe during the storm.
Predicting the Weather (pg 92-99)
o Vocabulary
o Meteorologist
o Isobar
o Isotherm
**Be able to interpret a weather map using a reference sheet of weather