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Meteorology Project Chapter 12
Choose a region of North America and research the following list of
things about your region. Then apply your research in a form of a
pamphlet, poster, or a PowerPoint presentation.
Your Project must include:
Section 1
A brief history of meteorology
A map of your region or source region
Provide details about the air mass over your area
The average climate of your region
Section 2
The average wind zone of your region
What fronts pass over your region?
What is the average thermometer, barometer, hygrometer measures of
your region?
Section 3
What is a radar and how it works
What is the Doppler Effect?
Section 4
Give an example of a station model
What is an isobar and isotherm?
A picture of digital or analog forecasts of your region
Visual for your project
You must have at least one visual with caption for each section relating
back to your region or topic(s).