North America Vocabulary

World Geography
North America Vocabulary
1. ____ Colony
a. A small, low island or coral reef.
2. ____ Annex
b. A river or stream that flows into a main river.
3. ____ Cede
c. A territory separated from but subject to a ruling power.
4. ____ Continental
d. Per person.
5. ____ Drainage
e. To formally incorporate into a country or state the territory of another.
6. ____ Tributary
f. The ability to read and write.
7. ____ Rain Shadow g. To transfer or give up.
8. ____ Literacy
h. The rocklike skeletons of tiny sea animals.
9. ____ Suburb
i. A storm with winds of at least 39 miles per hour.
10. ____ Standard of
j. A residential area outside a city.
11. ____ Per Capita
k. A boundary or area of high ground that separates rivers flowing toward
opposite sides of a continent.
12. ____ Cay
l. The entire area of land that is drained by a major river and its tributaries.
13. ____ Coral
m. A person’s or group’s level of material well-being, as measured by education,
housing, health care and nutrition.
14. ____ Tropical
n. An area of reduced rainfall on the leeward side of high mountains.
15. ____ Hurricane
o. A destructive tropical storm that forms over the Atlantic Ocean, usually in
late summer and early fall, with winds of at least 74 miles per hour.