A Parent’s Guide to GEMS
P.R. 372.35 B234pa
Acid Rain
P.R. 363.7 H685ac
Algebraic Reasoning
P.R. 372.7 K83al
Animal Defenses
P.R. 372.357 E18an
Animals in Action
P.R. 372.357 B274an
Ant Homes Under the Ground
P.R. 372.357 E18an
Aquatic Habitats : Exploring Desktop Ponds
P.R. 372.357 B274aq
Bubble Festival
P.R. 372.35 B234bu
P.R. 372.35 B234b
Build It! Festival
P.R. 372.7 B932
Buzzing a Hive
P.R. 372.357 E18bu
Chemical Reactions
P.R. 541 B234ch
Color Analyzers
P.R. 372.35 S671co
Convection: A Current Event
P.R. 372.35 G696co
Crime Lab Chemistry
P.R. 372.35 B234cr
Crime lab chemistry: solving mysteries with chromatography
P.R. 372.35 234cr 2004
Discovering Density
P.R. 372.35 B234di
Dry Ice Investigations
P.R. 372.35 B234dr
Early adventures in algebra : featuring zero the hero.
P.R. 372.7 K83ea
Earth, Moon & Stars
P.R. 372.358 S671ea
P.R. 372.357 K72ea
Eggs Eggs Everywhere
P.R. 372.357 E18eg
Electric Circuits
P.R. 621.3 E68el
Elephants and Their Young
P.R. 372.357 E18el
Environmental Detectives
P.R. 577 R366en
Experimenting with Model Rockets
P.R. 372.358 S671ex
P.R. 372.35 A286fi 2006
Frog Math : Predict, Ponder, Play
P.R. 372.7 K83fr
GEMS Teacher's Handbook.
P.R. 372.3 B234ge
Global Warming
P.R. 551.5 G562
Group Solutions
P.R. 371.395 G653gr
Group Solutions, Too!
P.R. 372. G653so
P.R. 516 S671he
Hide a Butterfly
P.R. 372.357 E18hi
Hot Water & Warm Homes from…
P.R. 372.358 G696ho
In all probability : investigations in probability and statistics
P.R. 372.7 C973in
Investigating Artifacts
P.R. 930.1 I62
Invisible Universe
P.R. 535 P788in
Involving Dissolving
P.R. 372.35 A269in
P.R. 372.357 E181a
Learning About Learning
P.R. 370.1 B234le Gr. 6-8
Life Through Time
P.R. 372.35 B366li
Liquid explorations
P.R. 372.35 A269li 2004
Living With a Star
P.R.523.7 L785
Liquid Explorations
P.R. 372.35 A269li
Mapping Animal Movements
P.R. 372.357 B274ma
Mapping Fish Habitats
P.R. 597 B274ma
Math Around the World
P.R. 372.7 M426 1995
Math on the Menu
P.R. 372.7 K83ma
Messages from Space : the Solar System and Beyond
P.R.523.2 B366me
Microscopic Explorations
P.R. 372.35 B812mi
Moons of Jupiter
P.R. 372.45 S967mo
More Than Magnifiers
P.R. 535. S671mo
Mother Opossum and Her Babies
P.R. 372.357 E18mo
Mystery Festival
P.R. 372.35 B366my
Ocean Currents : Marine Science Activities
P.R.372.357 H197oc
Of Cabbages & Chemistry
P.R. 372.35 B234of
On Sandy Shores
P.R. 372.357 S897on
Once Upon a GEMS Guide
REF 372.3 O58
Only One Ocean
P.R. 372.357 H197on
Oobleck: What Do Scientists Do?
P.R. 372.35 S671oo 2002
Paper Towel Testing
P.R. 372.35 S671pa 2003
Penguins and their young: teacher's guide
P.R. 372.357 E18pe
Plate Tectonics : the Way the Earth Works
P.R. 372.357 C965pl
P.R. 372.7 Q1
River Cutters
P.R. 372.35 K21ri
Schoolyard Ecology
P.R. 372.357 B274sc
Secret Formulas
P.R. 372.35 T 759se
Sifting Through Science
P.R. 372.35 L915si
Stories in Stone
P.R. 551 S884
Terrarium Habitats
P.R. 372.357 H827te
The Real Reasons for Seasons
P.R. 372.357 G696re
To Build a House
P.R. 372.35 B234to
Treasure Boxes
P.R. 372.72 K83tr
Tree Homes
P.R. 372.357 E18tr
Vitamin C Testing
P.R. 372.37 B234vi
Updated May 2007