23rd September 2011 Dear Parents & Carers, During Term 1 Class

23rd September 2011
Dear Parents & Carers,
During Term 1 Class 3 will be following a unit of work called “Do You Live Around Here?” which
focuses on ‘Habitats’.
In Art we will be finding out about how artists have represented animals and their habitats, looking at
early cave paintings and how animals were represented, making our own paint from natural materials
and finding out how art has been used to enhance our homes.
In Geography we will be finding out how different climates determine the types of dwellings people
have, finding out about the different ways people live their lives, comparing homes in different
countries and finding out about the origin and habitat of foods we eat.
In History we will be investigating houses in the locality to see how homes have changed over time
and we will be finding out about the changes that human discoveries have made to the places that
earth’s creatures live in. We will be looking at how Anglo-Saxons and Vikings made their houses and
recreating a Viking wall by making our own “wattle”.
In ICT we will be using the internet to support our research. We will be using Powerpoint to present
our work. We will use a database to record data on foods from different countries and produce
charts/graphs to illustrate our written work.
In Science we will be finding out about how things grow in different habitats, finding out how changes
to them can affect the things living in them, finding out the food source of some animals,
distinguishing between animals that eat plants and those which eat other animals, planning how to
investigate some of the preferences of small animals found locally, identifying the structure of a food
chain and recognising ways in which living things and the environment need protection eg from
In Technology we will be making our own tents and furnishing them, finding out which material makes
the best insulator and finding out which materials are most appropriate for making houses in different
As always, any books, resources or other materials that you could lend or donate to the class for this
topic would be greatly appreciated. It would be very helpful if your child could provide a photo of the
outside of their home. Any empty boxes, fabric, carpet pieces, corrugated card etc would be great for
‘junk modelling’ and any spare plant pots, seeds such as radish or cress, soil, sand, gravel could be
used for our science experiments.
I hope your child will enjoy this project and, should you have any questions or comments you wish to
make, please contact me via the Home/School diary or in person.
Yours sincerely
Judy Duckworth
Class 3 Teacher