Music and Society Questions

Music and Society Writing Prompt
Music Explorations
Ms. Setzer
1.In the “Music and Society” presentation you viewed in class, we explored music in
relation to two different societies; Africa and North America. Discuss the differences
in the two societies and their use of music.
2.Based on your answer to the above question, what do you think someone from the
traditional African society might think about our society and how we use music?
3.Do you think that the way modern society uses music is positive or negative?
4.In the beginning of this unit, we discussed how music is shaped by the changes in
society. Imagine our society 100 years from now. Explain what condition you think
our society will be in and how that will affect music. For example, you could say that
our society has advanced technologically and is able to bring Mozart back from the
dead. Or, that our society has reverted back to a primal, yet controlled state where
everyone wears the same colors and lives in identical houses that are ruled over by
a panel of elders. Discuss your prediction of society and the music that follows it.
5.Pick one of the purposes of music we discussed in class. The purpose you pick is
the only way you are allowed to hear music from now on. If a song does not fulfill
your purpose, you will not be able to hear it. Which purpose would you pick and
why? What could be the positive and negative affects of your chosen purpose?