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What Is Mijem?

Do you have a shoe collection? Do you have a handbag collection? Do you have a car collection? Do you have amazing furniture?

Do you have interesting art?

Do you find your posts to be disorganized and buried within thousandth of selfies/random pics?

Beauty: New nails



Accessories: New watch $450

Power of Mijem

Well now, Mijem allows you to build your online collections of gems. With Mijem, there will be no more disorganized posts. People are happy they can browse specific collections that interest them (example: jewelry and shoes only). Followers are also notified when new gems are added to your collections. Combined with optional features such as the ability to add prices and links, Mijem is a powerful social media for you to share your clothing collection, shoe collection, jewelry collection, etc. all in an organized manner.

Mijem is a free app to download!

Powerful search enables users to discover gems

Chat to transact with others

Publish a direct link to where people can buy (optional)

List the price of your gem


Automatically organizes your posts by category

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