Using Hands-On Learning Manipulatives to Support Emergent

“Using Hands-On Learning Manipulatives to Support
Emergent Literacy and Math Skills”
Dr. Donna Sanderson
Department of Early and Middle Grades Education, West Chester University
SECA Annual Conference, 2015
Introduction & Overview of Cap Kit Creations – how it originated & two main goals
History of Caps – How we’ve gotten from October 2012 to now
Positives of the Program:
o Supporting Pre-K State Standards & Common Core in math and literacy
o Hands-on, developmentally appropriate, engaging, self-sustainable, green
initiative (recycling), cost effective, appealing ESL learning tool with directions
in Spanish
Literacy & Math Ideas: Dozens of Demonstrations
Making strides in Community Engagement both near and far:
o Over 20 teacher trainings in 13 districts in 3 states & 12 parent workshops
o iMovie making it real
o Vanguard School Partnership, Wawa, Inc generous donation
o International tentacles: Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Malawi, Africa,
The Bahamas
o Alternative Spring Break, March 2015
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