Contemporary Poetry

Contemporary Poetry
Livonia HS Library
October 2011
808.81 ROD
Rodman,Selden,1909-ed. 100 Modern Poems / Selected, with an introduction by Selden Rodman.
New York : Pellegrini & Cudahy,1949. One hundred modern poems by various authors.
808.81 ROT
Rothenberg, Jerome and Pierre Joris, Editors. Poems for the Millennium : The University of
California Book of Modern and Postmodern Poetry : From Postwar to Millennium.
U of California Press, 1998. A chronicle of the second great awakening of experimental
poetry in the twentieth century, from the period of World War II through the cold war up to
the onset of the twenty-first century.
809.1 HAS
Hass, Robert. Poet's Choice : Poems for Everyday Life. 1st ed. Hopewell, N.J.: Ecco Press, 1998.
Drawing from his nationally syndicated newspaper column, "Poet's Choice," the former Poet
Laureate of the United States gathers his favorite selections, including recently published
poems as well as classics
811.008 PLA
The Place my Words are Looking for : What Poets Say About and Through their Work. 1st ed.
New York : Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, c1990. Thirty-nine United States
poets share their poems, inspirations, thoughts, anecdotes, and memories.
R 809 POE
Poetry Criticism : Excerpt from Criticism of the Works of the Most Significant and Widely
Studied Poets of World Literature. New York : Gale Research, 1991. Excerpts from
criticism of the works of the most significant and widely studied poets of world literature.
Note: an online index to this and other Gale literary reference can be found at:;jsessionid=AC6C6E37EE1A6284B7A10AF0602FB006
R 809.1 C Rev. Ed.
Critical Survey of Poetry. Rev. ed. Pasadena, Ca: SalemPress, c1992.
R 821 OXF
The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-century Poetry in English. Oxford Univ Pr, [c1994]. Identifies
fifteen hundred poets, surveys English poetry around the world, and discusses movements,
magazines, concepts, and terms.
Other Books
Use the library catalog (click on HS Follett Search) to find collections by your poet – in the search box, type
your poet’s name, and then click the “author” button. To find books about poetry or your poet, click on the
“subject” button. Look for books under the sub-headings CRITICISM and INTERPRETATION.
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The Poetry Archive
The Poetry Center at Smith College
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