Comparison Poetry Project Choices

Comparison Poetry Project Choices
Requirement: After we have studied different types of poetry and working on
comparing and contrasting different poems, it is your turn to showcase what you
know about poetry and comparing/contrasting poetry features.
Choice #1:
Write a compare/contrast essay comparing the poems, “The Sidewalk Racer” and
“Steam Shovel”. The format will be the same as we did in class for “The Toaster” and
“Things to do if you are a Subway”.
Choice #2:
Write two poems with extended metaphors. Your extended
metaphors should compare a machine to a living thing. Start by
observing an ordinary appliance in your home or classroom or a machine you see on
the street. Use your imagination. What animal or other creature does it remind you
of? Think about what the machine is able to do. Your metaphor should be extended
through the entire poem. Be sure to address how the machine and living thing look,
sound, and do.
Choice #3:
Find two poems, using your textbook, IMC books, or on-line resources that both use
the same metaphor. Create a chart similar to the one in class, as well as a venn
diagram comparing and contrasting both poems.