Final interview schedule for practitioners

Questionnaire for practitioners
1. Before you started the project, what did you know of the children’s use of
popular culture, media and new technologies at home?
2. Did you build on this knowledge in any way in the setting? Why/why not?
3. Has anything changed in relation to this since the project? Why/why not?
4. Can you give an outline of what you did?
5. How did the target children respond?
6. Can you choose one of the target children whose responses interested/
surprised you the most and talk about his/her reaction to the project? Why
do you think the child reacted in that way?
7. How did the children overall (including non-target) generally respond to the
8. How did staff in the setting respond to the project?
9. Have other staff in the setting changed their views about using popular
culture and media as a result of the project?
10. How did parents react to the project?
11. How far will your involvement in the project effect future planning?
12. Do you have any other comments which will inform the research?