Career Family Tree Interview Questions

Career Family Tree
From your Career Family Tree Worksheet, pick one career in your family that you would like to explore more that uses Science. Then you are going to interview that relative about their job using the questions below. Write your answers to their questions with lots of details. This will be part of your grade for this assignment. These can just be notes that you take as you talk with your relative; they DO NOT have to be complete sentences. 1. How would you describe what you do in your job? In other words, what do you do on a daily basis? 2. What was your major in college? How many years did you go to school? 3. How do you use Science in your career? 4. What can a student do now to prepare themselves for a career in this field? 5. Is there anything about your profession that you think people misunderstand? Or is there anything you think people would be surprised to learn about your job?