This form is required for ALL students and student groups

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Step 1 - Designate Two Representatives
Your organization must identify two members who will both receive training and agree to act as
responsible sober monitors for your organization at the event. If the chapter president is not one of
these two monitors, s/he will also need to attend a session, and sign off on the registration form.
Important Note: When co-hosting a tailgate with another organization, both groups must send two
members and complete the proper paperwork.
Step 2 - Pick A “Training and Sign Up” Session to Attend:
October 6
October 7
October 9
4:00-6:00 p.m.
5:00-7:00 p.m.
6:00-8:00 p.m.
204 Student Center
204 Student Center
204 Student Center
At this session, you will learn about:
 Location and hours
 Set up and take down procedures
 Admission and exit policies
 Food and alcohol policies
 Acceptable behavior of members and guests
 How to register and pay for your tent, tables, chairs, and site location
 Duties of monitors
Step 3 – Come Prepared to Your Session
What to bring:
 Payment for your tailgating equipment needs
 Completed registration forms, with chapter president’s signature
Equipment Price List
(subject to change)
20’x 20 tent
20 x 30 tent
20’x 40’ tent
Folding Chairs
8 ft. table
Cocktail tables
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Eastern Michigan University recognizes that athletic events are an important component of a student's
experience, and we support game day activities that build community and offer an opportunity for social
interaction. To meet this goal, the University has designated an area of the field adjacent to Rynearson
Stadium as the designated tailgating area for student organizations at the Homecoming football game.
DPS officers and University professional staff will assist in monitoring the tailgating area for the three
hours prior to kick-off. In order to provide a safe and healthy environment for tailgating, students and
other guests in the tailgate area are expected to comply with the following regulations:
Hours of Operation
Sat. Oct.
Open to
10 a.m. – 1
No More
with Alcohol
Clear out
Time (15 min
before game)
Tear Down
12:30 p.m.
1 p.m.
1:30 –1/2 hr. after
half time
Admission and Exit Procedures
 EMU Department of Public Safety will remove the barriers to the tailgate area to give access for set
up. Students and student organizations are not allowed to move barriers nor are they to set up early.
 Vehicles will be admitted into the tailgate for set up purposes no sooner than 1 hour prior to the start
of the tailgate. All vehicles must be cleared from the tailgate area by the opening of the tailgate.
 Admission to the tailgate area requires either a current student ID or a game ticket.
 All articles will be searched for illegal or dangerous materials, and for compliance with the alcohol
policy during the admission process.
 No alcohol will be permitted in to the tailgate area within 30 minutes prior to game time.
 Each group is required to clear their guests from their designated area at game time.
 Students and guests who refuse to leave will be escorted out of the area by police or security, actions
of this nature may be referred to the office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.
 Vehicles needed for clean-up/tear down can enter tailgate area no sooner than ½ hour after kickoff.
 All tent areas must be cleared no later than ½ hour after the end of halftime (note: the area will not be
secure during game time).
Alcohol at Student Tailgate
• The Tailgate Committee and the university do not condone underage drinking, dangerous drinking,
inappropriate public behavior or any misconduct prohibited by university policy. Students and guests
under the age of 21 will not be permitted to drink alcohol in accordance with state and federal laws
and university policy.
• Students and guests 21 years of age and older wishing to drink alcoholic beverages (beer and wine
coolers only) in the tailgating area must present a valid ID and obtain a wristband at a table located at
the main entrance. Anyone without a wristband will not be allowed to possess or consume alcoholic
beverages. No alcohol/coolers will be allowed in to the stadium at any time.
• All containers brought into the tailgate area must be sealed.
• Alcoholic beverages will be limited to six (6), non-glass, 12 oz. containers of beer or wine coolers
with alcohol content of 5% or less, per individual age 21 and over.
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Jell-O and jell-O shots and fruit balls are prohibited. Party balls, bongs, funnels and any device used
to increase consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the tailgate areas.
Alcohol is not permitted in to the tailgate area within 30 minutes prior to game time, and alcohol
consumption must end 30 minutes prior to kick-off.
Appropriate check-in procedures for BYOB, which ensure safe and legal drinking, must be followed.
Other Host Responsibilities
• Complete the advance sign up and training requirement. This includes designating at least two sober
monitors, and ensuring those monitors and the organization president attend one of three mandatory
sign up and training sessions. The attached Student Organization Registration Form and a check for
rental fees must be turned in at this meeting.
• Ensure that you have communicated about, provided or made arrangements for your guests to access
game tickets needed to enter the tailgate area, prior to the day of the event.
• Provide non-alcoholic beverages and food for your members and guests. External food will be
allowed in the Homecoming tailgate area.
• Monitor consumption of alcohol by guests and members and report any concerns immediately to an
EMU staff member or DPS officer.
• Ensure your members and guests understand that gross, disruptive behavior, disorderly conduct and
excessive alcoholic consumption will not be tolerated. Enforcement of appropriate and lawful
behavior will be a high priority.
• Ensure your members and guests understand that appropriate use of public restrooms will be
enforced. All restroom (portajohn) facilities will be provided by EMU only.
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This form is required for ALL student groups hosting a tent at the Homecoming
football game student organization tailgate.
Minimum Standards For All Groups:
Your organization must be recognized for the 2014/2015 academic year by Campus Life.
Your organization must be in good judicial and organizational standing.
Your organization must agree that you understand and fully comply with the attached tailgate policy.
Sober Monitors and Responsible Representatives:
At least two representatives from each student group hosting a tent are REQUIRED to attend a 1-hour risk
management and event training and planning session. These two representatives must serve as sober
monitors/responsible representatives at the tailgate event, and are expected to remain sober and to assist staff
members with policy/safety issues including identifying members of the group who may become intoxicated
and/or disruptive, and monitor distribution of alcohol. If the chapter president is not one of these two monitors,
s/he will also need to attend a session, and sign-off on the registration form. Important Note: When co-hosting
a tailgate with another organization, both groups must send two members and complete the proper paperwork .
Host Organization/Chapter: __________________________ Estimated attendance:______________
If co-sponsoring with another organization, please list name of organization:______________________
Representative 1 Name: _____________________________
Cell Phone Number: ______________
Representative 2 Name:______________________________
Cell Phone Number:_________________
Name of President, if not listed above:___________________ Cell Phone Number:_________________
What food will be provided?_______________________________________________________________
What non-alcoholic beverages will be provided?_______________________________________________
What precautions are you taking to minimize risk?_____________________________________________
Please describe how alcohol will be stored:_____________ ______________________________________
Does your organization’s inter/national risk management policy prohibit you from using chapter/group
members/alumni to serve alcohol? ___Yes ____No
By signing below on behalf of my organization, I agree that:
We have received a copy of the 2014 Tailgate Policy. We will adhere to the 2014 Tailgate Policy, as well as to the
accompanying risk management procedures. We understand that according to the Student Conduct Code, student
organizations will be held responsible for the actions of their individual members and guests. We are not acting as
official entities of the university and our student organization and its members agree to defend, indemnify and hold
harmless EMU, its employees, agents and students from any and all liability which may incur arising directly or
indirectly from our student organization’s hosting of this event.
Organization/Chapter President Name: