Who discovered the bones of the earliest known human at

World History
Chapter 1 study guide
Early Humans
1. What is the period before writing was
18. What were outcomes of people developing
farming villages?
2. What is Anthropology?
19. The trading of goods did what to people?
3. What is Archaeology?
20. What became more refined and cultivated?
a. What are artifacts?
21. What did food surpluses do for Neolithic
farming villages?
4. What are the two types of dating techniques?
22. How did gender roles differ?
5. What does C-14 measure?
a. Men
6. What does Thermo luminescence do?
7. Louis B. and Mary Leakey discovered what?
b. Women
8. “Homo erectus” means?
9. Homo sapiens sapiens spread how fast?
10. Who belongs to the Homo sapiens sapiens
11. Why were Paleolithic people nomads?
12. What tools were used during the Paleolithic
23. How did men come to play a more dominant
o Still here today?
 What are the basic characteristics of
1. _
2. _
Neolithic Revolution
13. The Neolithic Age called?
3. _
14. What was important about the ability to acquire
food on a regular basis?
4. _
15. The Neolithic Revolution can be best described
as what?
16. What was the real change in the Neolithic
17. The movement toward what led people to settle
in one area?
5. _
6. _