Board of Directors Job Description

APPROVED on September 12, 2013
REVISED on January 14, 2016
The Otsego County Community Foundation is positioned to become the leading force for expanding
private philanthropy in our region. The Board of Directors (the Board) is the Foundation's chief policymaking body. As such, the Board bears ultimate responsibility for the legal, financial, administrative,
grant making, community service, and fundraising activities of the Foundation. The Executive Director is
responsible for executing the Board's policies and for operating the Foundation under the Board's
The Board consists of no more than (30) members from Otsego County, all of whom serve as full voting
members. The Board chooses members. The term of service is three years, and Board members can be
re-elected to serve a maximum of two additional three-year terms (totaling 9 years). After serving three
consecutive terms, a board member can serve additional terms after a one-year break from the board.
Members of the Board are covered under the Foundation's Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
Members of the Board are expected to:
1. Show Commitment:
Demonstrate a commitment to the Foundation and its mission of expanding private philanthropy in
Otsego County. During their tenure on the Foundation's Board, members are expected to consider their
service to the Foundation to be a high-priority civic commitment.
2. Be Informed:
Board members are expected to remain knowledgeable on information pertinent to their decision-making
and policy-setting roles; specifically, reading provided written materials prior to board meetings. Board
members are also expected to educate and support fellow Board members.
3. Attend Meetings:
Attend an orientation session, at least two-thirds (2/3) of the Board meetings, and any special events
sponsored by the Foundation. The Chair will contact Board members who miss more than one-third (1/3)
of the Board meetings to discuss whether they will be able to effectively continue their service on the
4. Serve on Committees:
The Foundation has eight standing committees: Executive, Finance, Grant, Education, Youth Advisory,
Asset Development, Extreevaganza and Board Governance. All Board members will be expected to serve
on at least one of the standing committees, which meet approximately four times per year, and may serve
on ad hoc committees.
5. Select and Support the Chief Executive:
The Board must reach a consensus on the chief executive’s responsibilities and undertake a careful search
to find the most qualified individual for the position. The Board will ensure the chief executive has the
professional support needed to further the organization’s goals and will perform an annual evaluation of
the chief executive.
6. Promote the Foundation:
Serve as an ambassador for the Foundation in the community; let others know of your service to
the Foundation, and promote the Foundation as an important asset in the community.
Assist in setting fundraising goals that are ambitious but achievable with full participation of the
Board and staff.
Make an annual gift, of any amount, to the Foundation's operating fund, known as the
Cornerstone Fund.
Identify potential donors and become familiar with the Foundation's list of prospective donors.
Assist the Board and staff in cultivating relationships where appropriate.
Board members are encouraged to set an example for others by contributing to an existing fund,
creating a personal charitable fund in the Foundation, and/or including the Foundation in their
estate plan/will.
7. Serve the Community:
Identify opportunities for the Foundation to serve the community and bring them to the attention
of the Board and staff.
Ensure that the Boards and staffs of other community organizations with whom they are involved
are aware of the Foundation's grant making programs and other services to charitable agencies.
8. Maintain Confidentiality:
Maintain confidentiality of the board meetings and do not disclose the names of prospective donors to
those outside the organization. Speak on behalf of the board, only when authorized to do so.
9. Adhere to the Community Foundation’s Conflict of Interest Policy.
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