Sony SH800 Cell Sorter Training Form

SickKids-UHN FCF Cell Sorter Training Registration Form
If you want to cancel your training appointment after confirmation, you have to
send a cancellation email at least 72 business hours before the first appointment,
We strongly suggest all users to book the instrument online and practice as soon
as they finish their training sessions. Users who have not used the instrument within 2
months of training must register to be re-trained.
Please email completed forms to Nathalie Simard ([email protected])
Your Name (Last, First)
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Your email address
(We require institutional
email addresses hotmail/gmail accounts are
not valid)
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PI Name (Last, First)
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Institution (e.g. Sickkids,
<<Type here>>
Lab location (e.g. TMDT,
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1) Have you completed your registration with our facility?
If “No”, please go to and under the “Using the Facility” tab,
complete the necessary forms for registration. You cannot sign up for training until you
have been registered with the FCF.
2) Do you have any previous hands-on experience using flow cytometry?
If YES, please provide the following details:
Instrument name (e.g. BD LSRII): <<Type here>>
Year you last used it: <<Type here>>
Number of fluorochromes you used (e.g. 4-6): <<Type here>>
Total number of years of experience: <<Type here>>
Would you describe your self as a beginner, intermediate or advanced user?
<<Type here>>
Were you trained by SickKids-UHN FCF Staff? <<YES/NO>>
3) When are you planning to run your first cell sorting experiment? (e.g. within a
month) <<Type here>>
4) Approximately how many cell sorting experiments do you anticipate running
within a year? <<Type here>>
5) Please provide in detail the type of experiment(s) you plan to run using the cell
Purpose of your experiments (e.g. sorting for GFP+ cells, sorting for different blood cell
populations from drug treated animals): <<Type here>>
Types of cells you will be using (e.g. murine lymphocytes, ex vivo murine lung carcinoma
cells, human breast cancer cell line): <<Type here>>
Which fluorochromes are you planning to use? (if known) <<Type here>>
Number of fluorochoromes you plan to run (e.g. 4-6) <<Type here>>