Benefits of PETIT GRIS Line


Santiago de Chile, October 4


, 2007

Petit Gris offers a new skin care line of cosmetics that is based on the extract of the

Helix aspersa

Müller Snail, a European common snail. We harvest and process this extract using a method that is both professional and scientific, it ensures superior quality and does not harm the snail. We obtain a transparent as galcier fresh water extract.

Similar products have been on the market for eight years, boasting the benefits of this snail's extract, however, our research over the past two years has shown us that by feeding these animals with a particular diet, comprised largely of organically grown vegetables and energy grains, they secrete the highest concentration of allantoin along with the best combination of glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, vitamins, proteins and antibiotics, facts that take us into the forefront of this industry. The above mentioned ingredientes make this snail's extract an extraordinary product for human skin health and beauty.

Our skin care line can meet the needs of almost every type of skin. It helps to firm, tighten, soften, protect, regenerate and clarify your skin along with attenuating scars, spots, acne, fine lines, thus maintaining every aspect of a young and healthy appearance. We offer three products:




“Natural Lifting”: a cream-gel that feels fresh and absorbs rapidly.

“Natural Lifting” with Sunscreen: a soft cream that offer UVB protection.

“Whitening Natural Lifting with Sunscreen”: a soft cream that will further clarify your skin thanks to the action of a wild bearberry leaf extract.

PETIT GRIS Line of Cosmetics

Petit Gris is an integral skin health cosmetic line that will gradually rejuvenate your skin. A prettier, brighter, cleaner and even color will appear along with a healthier, smoother and younger looking skin.

Benefits of PETIT GRIS Line

Rejuvenates the skin.

Helps to inhibit the aging process.

Attenuates wrinkles, sun and age spots.


Helps in the relief of keratosis actinica.

Fights acne and keratosis pilaris.

Reduces stretch marks, spots, scars, keloids & warts.

Eliminates oil excess.

Protects from UV rays.

Whitens your skin.

Terms of sale

Our terms of sale are a minimum order of 10 units with payment at the time of order or a letter of credit. Price start at $15.00 USD per unit for products n° 1 and 2 and $18.00 USD per unit for product n° 3, plus the cost of shipping. We offer products in Bulk. Prices can be negotiated depending on the amount ordered.

“Natural Lifting” Active Ingredients

Allantoin : It is the main component of the extract reaching the third layer of the skin; it helps with human skin regeneration by promoting the creation of new cells and collagen. It is also an antioxidant that will help to fight the aging process.

Glycolic Acid : This component causes a natural peeling of your skin therefore exposing smoother and softer new skin, gradually eliminating age and sun spots, in a natural depigmentation process.

Collagen and Elastin : These components are a part of the human skin connective tissue; they will help with your younger and healthier appearance by moisturizing, giving firmness and elasticity.

Natural Antibiotics : These components help to fight acne; protecting and penetrating human skin from the surface reaching down to its third layer combating harmful bacteria consistently.

These natural antibiotics will act as a barrier enhancing skin repair.

Proteins and Vitamins : These components will help to nourish your skin keeping it soft and young by stimulating collagen production, and fighting skin oxidation and boosting skin texture.

Note: These ingredients are in the snail secretion when harvested “mechanically”.

Special Product

“Whitening Agent”: It combines bearberry leaf extract and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate for a powerful and longer lasting skin lightening. The lightening occurs thanks to the inhibition of the biochemical pathway leading to epidermal pigments. It is recommended the use sunblock while on treatment. The ingredient containing bearberry extract acts by inhibiting the pigmentat

Important Information

Product is contained in a glass jar of 1.9 oz/55 g. A security seal protects the cream. This glass jar extends the products life and benefits.

“Our commitment is to develop products of innovative and superior dermatological and cosmetological quality based in a 100% natural snail secretion filtrate”

Andrés Allendes

Director of Product Development

Petit Gris Ltd.

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