Student-parent letter - Montgomery County Schools

Honors Biology
Spring 2016
N. Underwood
Room 211
Parents & Students:
This course is a honors level course which means it will be a work intensive class. Students will have
homework, classwork, and lab work frequently. Listed below are some keys guidelines/rules that will be
used during this course. Please read each of these so you will understand the requirements and expectations
for this class. Sign and return this form. This will count as your first quiz grade.
1. Small devices such as cell phones, ipods, and ipads are not allowed during class. These will be
taken up at the beginning of class until the end of the class period. Students are to place ANY and ALL
small electronic devices other than their school laptop in the box provided. Devices will be returned
when students leave class. Those who do not follow this rule will receive a warning on 1st offense, 30
minutes after school 2nd offense, 3rd offense and there after office referrals. Anyone that refuses will
have an office referral.
2. Large book bags, sports bags, and/or blankets are not allowed in class. These can be left in your
locker. Only bring materials needed for class into classroom.
3. NO FOOD of any kind allowed in class due to chemicals used in the room.
4. Only plastic BOTTLES with a screw cap lid of water or juice may be brought in the classroom.
This does NOT include plastic cups with snap or screw top lids/straws.
5. Quizzes are that open notes/book will have NO retakes.
6. Major tests will have multiple choice, short answer, diagrams, and application. Students will get a
review sheet to assist their studying. Any student that fails a major test (less than60) will be allowed
to retest/correct within 5 days but the highest grade that can be earned is an 60. This must be
done within 5 days of the test.
7. All assignments are due the next day unless otherwise stated. Students must have assignment when it is
being check for it to not be considered LATE! [Not at the end of class, end of school, or next day!]
Maximum grade for late work is 60 and only if assignment is correct and completed.
8. The power points with the notes for the class will be posted on my webpage once these have been
covered in class. These will remain active until the end of each grading period.
9. Students will be allowed ONE hall pass per week. He/she must sign out and back in to keep their
privilege and return to class within 3 minutes. Those who do not follow the procedure will lose their
hall pass privilege.
10. READ the class information sheet handed out for specific details on the notebook, make-up work, test(s),
lab reports/projects, progress reports, hall pass, class rules, evaluation procedure, course grade, after
school assistance, and other list.
I have read and understand the requirements and guidelines that will be used for this course.
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