October 12, 2009
Dear Pastor Shipman and my Winner’s Church Family,
My name is Yvette Hill. I attend the 8:00am Service on Sundays. I have been attending this wonderful
Christian congregation since 1996. I am also a member of the Discipleship team.
My testimony is one that demonstrates God’s mercy, grace and everlasting love.
In September, 2007, I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer after a one time bleed. No other signs or
symptoms. About three weeks after that bleed, I had a colonoscopy. I had a polyp that was well over
the size of a nickel.
I then had an outpatient procedure to have the malignant polyp removed and was told the awful news
that I had colorectal cancer and that it infiltrated into my rectum and a small portion of my colon. With
a few options to choose from; chemo; another option was removal of the rectum and a portion of the
colon and have a permanent colostomy or plainly just do nothing.
I chose the permanent colostomy. So In January, 2008 I underwent a four (4) hour operation that would
rid me of my cancer as I was told and believed.
Through that entire experience I did not say, “Why me?” I said “Why not me Lord?” Better me than my
husband, children or any friend. I used this time to give thanks for everything anyhow. After all I
realized just how blessed I truly am with a supportive husband, family, church, job and above all God’s
love and promises. I am a Registered Nurse by education and profession and I have never been sick with
anything major just a bunion removed and I thought that was the worst thing in the world next to labor
contractions. So in all I had to place my life in perspective and really count my blessings and be grateful
not bitter, angry or downright negative because of this situation. I had a lot to be thankful for.
After a really speedy recovery, I was doing well coping with a new lifestyle of caring for myself with a
colostomy and eating the right foods. I gave up pork and other red meats because I found it so hard to
digest. I even let go my nightly bowl of ice cream. And corn/ I had to leave corn alone because it is a
killer coming out of that little hole in my stomach hurts just thinking about it  Just a lot of
things were different. I was not the same anymore. I was better. I felt better, I looked better and I even
had a deeper appreciation for life and my profession as nurse comforting and caring for others.
A the oncologists urging, I went through genetic testing and counseling. We did a faily tree. I called
relatives and asked what did Uncle so and so die from and did Grandma ever complain of this and that.
A very interesting journey into how tight lipped family can be when you start asking questions. All of a
sudden people got dementia they could not remember anything. I am not sure why people behave the
way they do. I guess the lack of knowledge. That is why people perish  So I found out what I could and
basically there was no real substance to gather from with side of the family to determine what side of
the family this could have come from.
After several visits, I had the counselor tell me I had Jewish roots. I told her “yeah. I am related to
Jesus.” She said. “no seriously”. Because there was a certain sect of Jews that get colorectal cancer at a
certain age. So I went around telling people I was Jewish. That created a lot of comments which lead
me to tell them about my story and how colorectal screening is important. The lesson I really learned
was to know you family history. By the way I am African –American and can only trace my roots to
Georgia , Alabama and Louisiana. I have some family members from Louisiana that believe we are
descendents of Basque Jews that came over to Haiti to Jamaica and then to Louisiana from Spain with
Columbus by way of Africa through France and then to Spain. You know anything is possible.
Just when I thought I was going on with my life working, traveling again with my job during the week
and enjoying my family, on November 3, 2009 I experienced excruciating pain in my abdomen. My
loving husband begged me to go to the emergency room where I had scans and other lab work.
My husband left the Emergency room after seven hours to go home and get our daughter off to school;
the Emergency Room physician came into the room. He turned off the television and said, “Ms. Hill, I
am so sorry you have metastatic cancer throughout your body to your liver and lung”. There was no one
in the room and I literally heard a very clear, a voice that I cannot describe, that said, “He don’t know
who he is talking to.” This voice took me by surprise I turned around looking over my shoulder to see
who said that. This voice was so clear and articulated. I heard it! To this day I do believe this was the
voice of the Lord.
After I composed myself, not from the news but from the voice. I calmly told the doctor “Okay turn the
TV back on. Come back and tell my husband when he returns.” The doctor sat down and said. “Did you
understand what I am telling you?” I told him. “Yeah I heard you amongst other things.” I got a great
sense of peace and strength that was so unbelievable right there in the emergency room. I prayed and
gave thanks for I felt everything would work out for the good. When I told my husband about the voice
I heard when he returned he even looked in the little ante room behind me to see where the voice could
have come from. After a one day admission on the oncology unit in the same room where a close
family friend had just died the week before, I was ready to get out of there and start on my journey of
healing and restoration. Because remember, that doctor did not know who he was talking to. 
I had a liver biopsy that presented with the same cancer cells that was found in my colon and rectum
back in 2007. As it turned out I did not have any cancer to my lungs. He did not know who he was
talking to. 
Subsequently, I endured three (3) cycles of chemotherapy from Thanksgiving 2008 to two(2) days
before Christmas. This was in preparation to the six (6) hour liver resection at Jackson Memorial
Hospital that I had March 3, 2009. Another funny thing happened. As you can tell, I am one of those
people that think most things have a bit of humor to it. As the Anesthesiologist and Operating Nurse
was taking me in the operating room on the stretcher. I remember saying, “The Great I AM is with me”
because we had a guest pastor speak to us that talked about the Great I AM- Jehovah and that is all I
remembered going in the operating room.
While most people have to stay in the hospital for seven (7) to ten (10) days after a liver resection. I
went in on a Tuesday, had my surgery on that Tuesday and was out at home on that Friday. Four (4)
days. They don’t know who they are talking to. 
I then underwent nine (9) more cycles of chemotherapy without any nausea, vomiting or extreme
fatigue. I tell people that I did not lose my hair because I had my husband shave my hair the first day the
chemo started. I really felt like G.I Jane shaving it off.  My dad is bald and we looked like twins.
The only side effect I had was an awful looking and feeling rash to my face and body. I felt like the Rock
Monster. But you know, I was still thankful anyway. I figured it this way, this was microdermabrasion
that I was getting for a $20.00 insurance co-pay. When it is all over my skin will be beautiful. My
husband even said the same thing. Great minds think alike. 
I lost about ten (10) pounds but I needed to lose the weight. During each of my visits, The Oncologist
constantly told me that he did not know anyone as upbeat and as positive as I was during the entire
I recently had a set of scans that showed a normal abdomen, pelvis and lung areas. The liver is still
growing because it is one of those organs that God created to regenerate. Isn’t He amazing?
God has truly showed Himself as merciful, full of grace and love for me. He placed a loving husband that
encouraged me and supported me fully. A congregation of Christians that prayed for me, called me
encouraged me and above all God spoke to me. Of all the people in the world, I believe He spoke to me
to let me know He was with me, I was not alone His presence was there. I want everyone to know that
when you get news like the news I got, know that the news bearer don’t know who they are talking toA child of God. 
I am felling well and doing well. I now know that Cancer stands for:
C- Christ. Place Christ in your life first.
A-Attitude. Your attitude is connected to your health and wellness. A positive attitude can heal you.
N- Nutrition. Eat right. Drink plenty of water. Leave the fast foods and junk foods alone.
C-Connectivity with a Church, your family, the community and/or Support group. Don’t be
around negative, fearful, anxious people. They will make you sick!
E- Exercise. Even if it is walking, simple leg lifts. Raising your arms in praise. Jumping during
Praise and Worship and home and at Church.
R- Rest. Get plenty of rest. Drink some soothing tea, Read your Bible and get some good rest.
Uninterrupted rest.
I thank you Pastor Shipman for your teaching and instruction because I realize through your
teaching and instruction is all a test of my faith and belief in His Promises. You know colorectal
cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death. And it is preventable! And God has
promises life everlasting we have to do our part and take care of ourselves according to His
Yvette Hill