Immigration Project 2008 Part I Individual Projects*

Immigration Project 2008
Part I
Individual Projects* (50% project grade):
Select a region or a group from one of the following:
a. Asia
(Essay or Q&A format may be used, add a bibliography)
b. Southern/Eastern Europe
c. Northern Europe
d. Latin America
Answer the following questions: (Use your textbook as a guide)
a. Were they, (the immigrant group), part of the “old immigrants” or “new immigrants?” (Provide some
type of #’s or percentage in your explanation)(p212)
b. Why did they leave their country? Explain if it was a “negative conclusion” or a “positive
conclusion” or both. (Give details in addition to what is in the textbook)(p213)
c. Once here, how did they adjust to life in America? (What was their plight/struggle in the short term?)(p214)
d. How did they contribute to the American economy? (p217)
e. How did the nativists, (Americans or earlier immigrants), react to your group? (p217)
f. How did early immigration laws affect their passage or subsequent passages of your group? (p219 )
g. How might your group been effected by the Immigration Acts of 1967 and 1985?
h. Was there a nativist reaction during this time?
i. Do you think your group’s assimilation or lack of assimilation is more related to the “Melting Pot”
Theory or the “Salad Bowl” theory?
j. How did your group effect or influence (change/adjust) American culture, law, and/or foreign
*Research and write in your own words
Early Immigration to the 1920’s
Nativist Reactions
Immigration in the Post War Years (1945+)
Part II
Group Project
How was your group effected by these events?
4. The New Immigrant (1960’s)
5. Current Issues (1990’s)
6. Quota Laws (Restrictions throughout American Hsitory)
(50% Project Grade):
1. Bring in resources and materials to work on project.
2. Divide up tasks in order to work on days off.
3. Create a poster, PowerPoint presentation, or video using just one of the following themes:
A. Old Country v. New Country or B . Old Generation(there) v. New Gen. (in America) or C. Expectation v. Realities
Consider answering these questions regarding the one topic you choose from above:
1. Who lived in their home?
4. Their income?
7. Their chief complaints?
2. How many people?
5. Their occupation?
8. Describe the their neighborhood?
3. Their lifestyle?
6. Their politics beliefs?
*You are not limited to just these subtopics
(revised 2008)