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To work in a dynamic, professional and enterprising environment which will provide me the potential for advancement and
increased technical skills, decision-making responsibilities through consistent learning under the business and technical
leaders in the electronic field with particular focus on electronic design & development, manufacturing and electronic
software systems.
Organizational Experience
Assistant Systems Engineer
Oct’11 – May’12
Prior to joining Nanyang Technological University, Singapore for my MSc. (Electronics), I had also worked in TCS, in
which I :
Led a team of six people who were responsible for the website development and management
Performed tasks on Bug Fixing, Requirement Analysis, Unit Testing
Participated in Knowledge Management Activities with the objective of ensuring the highest
levels of service offerings to customers in my own technology domain
Highlights of Projects and Trainings
1. Applications of metallic gratings in mid infra red regions as MSc. Project in Nanyang Technological
University, Singapore
Designed the structures in sub wavelength (nanoscale) dimensions to manipulate light and increase the
efficiency as well as reduce the signal-to-noise ratio
Analyzed test results to locate and determine causes of malfunction/errors
General overview of characterization and clean room processes
2. January 2011 to May 2011: Design Of a Dual Axis Solar Tracker during B.Tech(EEE)
Was responsible for designing the hardware of the system
Inspected equipment for proper performance and correct communication
Main emphasis was on increasing the solar input by rotating the solar panel in two directions through a
program, thereby increasing the electrical output
3. May 2010 to June 2010: Application of nanotechnology in Optics during B.Tech(EEE)
Properties of nano-optics and their behavior towards the spectrum.
4. March 2010 to May 2010: Avante Garde during B.Tech(EEE)
Created a program to calculate the electrical losses in power system
5. May 2009 to June 2009: Internship at Ever Electronics Pvt. Ltd. during B.Tech(EEE)
Training at Ever Electronics, which is a vendor company for LG Electronics and manufactures circuits for
television sets, LCD’s, optical disk drives and GSM mobile phones.
PCBA manufacturing, testing, debugging and failure analysis.
Supervised the electronic component assembly flow i.e SMT Pick and Place machines, Imported AI
machines, manual insertion and surface mount technology (SMT).
Component packaging from circuit board level till the completion of the final unit
Master of Science(Electronics)
B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics)
Class XII
Class X
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
SRM University, India
Navy Children School, India
Naval Public School, India
Relevant Courses:
Digital IC Design
Analog IC Design
Advanced semiconductor devices
Additional Technical Expertise
Simulation soft wares:
CAD Simulation ( ExpressPCB and ExpressSCH ), Lumerical FDTD Solutions, OriginLab
Extracurricular Activities
1. Won first prize in techno-management fest in SRM University
2. Won a gold medal in sports during Sports Fest in SRM University
3. Won 1st prize in Robotics in SRM University and NIT, Calicut
4. Designed and fabricated robots and participated in technical fests of IIT Mumbai and IIT Kharagpur
5. Has led and organized various technical events in the EEE department
Personal Details
Date of birth
Languages known
Marital Status
02nd March 1989
English, Hindi