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Working under instruction/guidance. Enabling access to learning.
Welfare/personal support, delivery of pre-determined learning/care/support programmes,
implement literacy/numeracy programmes, assist with planning cycle, clerical/admin support as
required by the PSA Manager, routine invigilation of tests and examinations
Accountable to: PSA Manager
Special Conditions of Service: No smoking policy. Requirement to work outside of school hours
and/or off school premises occasionally as required by school.
Term time work only.
Specific Requirements:
To organise the collection and distribution of students’ work
To liaise with subject teachers regarding progress of students’ work
To understand the workings of the SIMS system/Behaviour Database and be computer
To provide PSA staff with relevant data
To support individual students with SEN/behavioural difficulties with their academic work
To work with the Learning Support team to develop relevant programmes of work –
especially for those undergoing reintegration
To provide a communication link between the PSA staff and other members of the Pastoral
To organise and distribute student reports during registration
To monitor students’ progress and work rate and feed back relevant information to PSA
To offer firm guidance to those students who have behavioural problems
To work under the instruction/guidance of PSA Manager/subject teacher to undertake
work/care/support programmes to enable access to learning for students and to assist the teacher
in the management of students and the classroom. Work may be carried out in the classroom or
outside the main teaching area.
A) To Support the Student
1. In following the timetable as prescribed by the PSA Manager, supervise and provide
particular support for students, including those with special needs, ensuring their safety
and access to learning activities.
2. To assist with the development, implementation and monitoring of Individual
Education/Behaviour Plans and Personal Support Programmes.
3. To establish constructive relationships with students and interact with them according to
individual needs.
4. To promote the inclusion and acceptance of all students.
5. To encourage students to interact with others and engage in activities led by the teacher.
6. To set challenging and demanding expectations and promote self-esteem and
7. To provide feedback to students in relation to progress and achievement under guidance of
the teacher.
B) To Support the Teacher
1. To create and maintain a purposeful, orderly and supportive environment, in accordance
with lesson plans, and assist with the display of students’ work.
2. In liaison with the teacher, to use strategies to support students to achieve learning goals.
3. To assist with the planning of learning activities.
4. To monitor a student’s responses to learning activities and accurately record
achievement/progress as directed.
5. To provide detailed and regular feedback to teachers on a student’s achievement,
progress, problems etc., as required.
6. To promote good student behaviour and to encourage students to take responsibility for
their own actions.
7. To administer routine tests and invigilate/act as scribe/reader for examinations.
8. To undertake structured and agreed learning activities/teaching programmes, adjusting
activities according to student responses.
C) To Support the Curriculum
1. To undertake programmes linked to local and national learning strategies: literacy,
numeracy, KS3/4 etc. under the supervision of the PSA Manager/ class teacher.
2. To support the use of ICT in learning activities and develop students’ confidence and
independence in its use when possible.
3. To prepare, maintain and use resources required to meet the lesson plans/relevant
learning activity, and assist students in their use.
D) To Support the School
1. To establish constructive relationships with parents/ carers/colleagues.
2. To be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child protection, health,
safety and security, confidentiality and data protection, reporting all concerns to an
appropriate person.
3. To be aware of and support difference and ensure all students have equal access to
opportunities to develop and learn.
4. To contribute to the overall ethos/work/aims of the school.
5. To appreciate and support the role of other professionals.
6. To maintain effective working relationships with other professionals.
7. To contribute to effective team practice.
8. To attend and participate in relevant meetings as required.
9. To assist with the supervision of students out of lesson times, including before and after
school and at lunchtime, as required.
10. To accompany teaching staff and students on visits, trips and out of school activities as
required and take responsibility for a group under the supervision of the teacher.
E) To Support the PSA Manager
1. To liaise between the departments and the PSA Manager especially regarding children
with needs different from, and additional to, those of others.
2. To undertake structured and agreed learning activities/teaching programmes with
individuals or small groups withdrawn from mainstream, adjusting activities according to
student responses. This will be under the supervision of the PSA Manager.
3. To provide clerical/administrative support when requested.
4. To assist with the preparation of resources for SEND.
To participate in training and other learning activities relevant to your post
To review and develop your own professional practice
To participate in an annual review of your performance with either the PSA Manager or
another manager
Post holders are expected to undertake other duties and responsibilities relevant to the nature,
level and scope of the post and the grade has been established on this basis. It will be subject to
review through annual Performance Management
July 2015
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