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Nail Enhancements
 File and polish £15.00
 Deluxe Manicure £ 33.00
 Deluxe Pedicure £ 35.00
 Mini manicure £ 18.50
 Mini Pedicure £19.00
Shellac 2 week Manicure and Pedicure
Say hello to Shellac
This revolutionary product is chip resistant and smudge free, it
applies like a polish, wears like a high gloss gel and is removed in
minutes. Perfect for Holidays, Weddings and general use.
Zero drying time and lasts up to 14 days!
 Shellac 2 week polish £25.00
 Fingers and toes £40.00
 Removal £8.00
Add Shellac to any manicure or pedicure for £10.00
Luxury Thermal Mask Facial – allow 1 hour £45.00
A mini face lift without surgery! Minerals and crystals are
incorporated to generate a thermal effect; this gradual heat stimulates
blood circulation. As a result creams are easily absorbed and dead
skin cells are removed. Suitable for all skin types.
Luxury Algae Facial Peel – allow 1 hour £40.00
Applied to the face, neck and bust line, this multi-functional mask
cleanses, stimulates blood circulation, firms, nourishes and
regenerates. After treatment the skin looks bright, toned and
Luxury Facial – allow 1 hour £45.00
With a perfect blend of power cleansing, a customised mask, toning
and moisturising and complete relaxation.
This treatment includes massage of the hands or feet.
Express Facial - allow 30 mins £30.00
This complete treatment achieves maximum results in the minimum
of time this mini facial gives a real boost to the skin, ideal for people
with limited time or as a taster facial. Suitable for all skin types.
Full Body Massage allow 1 hr £40.00
Selections of essential oils are used to massage the body to relieve
stress and promote a sense of well-being.
Half Body Massage allow 30 mins £28.00
Selections of essential oils are used to massage the body to relieve
stress and promote a sense of well-being.
Tanning - £15.00 each or 3 sessions for £35.00
Give yourself a safe golden glow that can last up to 7 days.
CaviSculpt Cavitation
Revolutionary Ultrasonic Treatment
Inch loss, fat & cellulite reduction, contouring and tightening.
Dodge the knife and the surgeon's table and try ‘ultrasonic Cavitation’,
designed to give you a helping hand with your figure. The treatment is
designed to help with those unwanted little extras that don't seem to
budge in the gym.
CaviSculpt is an ideal alternation to liposuction; results are immediate
and long lasting with no surgery, and no down time allowing us to return
to our normal duties after each treatment.
Most Clients experience 2-12cms of circumference reduction after a
single session with increasing results after each visit.
It is recommend having 2 treatments a week and 12 treatments to
achieve the best results, standard single sessions are £90 each.
However we can offer packages at the below rates.
6 Sessions for £150
12 Sessions for £250
18 Sessions for £370
24 Sessions for £470
If you are staying with us on a Residential break please call for special
price discounts and package rates.
Lipolysis & Laser Diode
Laser & Ultrasonic Facial Treatment
Inch loss, contouring and tightening.
Suitable for all skin types, Lipolysis & Laser Diode will remove fat from
chubby cheeks and double chins while tightening and rejuvenating the
skin. Treatment will accelerate blood circulation, stimulate collagen
growth, repair damaged skin such a acne, eczema and cold sores, by
reducing inflammation and destroying bacteria we can also smooth fine
wrinkles and shrink pores leaving you with a healthy complexion.
Single 20 minute treatment £40
Single 50 minute treatment £80
6 x treatments
20 mins
(Saving £40)
50 mins
(Saving £80)
Indian Head Massage allow 45 mins £37.00
A traditional head massage that relieves tension in the head, neck
and shoulders. This treatment is ideal for treatment of headaches,
stress or insomnia.
Our staff are extremely professional and sensitive to
our clients’ needs and requirements and
understand that sometimes, a healthy diet and
exercise plan are not always enough to give people
the shape that they want. A relaxed atmosphere and
a full consultation with a qualified clinician help to
eliminate any fears and ensure that clients are
happy with the results of their treatments.
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