Challenge Box - Activity 1

Thinker’s Keys – Volcanoes and Earthquakes
Name ten things you
would never see close to a
If a volcano erupted in a
rural area in England
suggests ways population
density would change in
the area.
What are some of the
disadvantages of living
close to active zones?
Suggest ways in which
countries could be
selected to provide aid to
other countries affected
by natural hazards
List words associated with
volcanoes and
What could this
picture have to
do with
volcanoes and
Try to justify this statement:
MEDCs should not assist
LEDCs before or after
tectonic disasters
What are the
commonalities between a
volcanologist and tourist
The answer is a volcano.
What are 5 possible
Give some possible
reasons for a sudden
volcanic eruption in an
area that has never
experienced on before
Consider some alternatives
to the fact that many
students studying
geography will never visit
a volcano
Do you think the level of
economic development
of a country is the only
factor that affects the
level of death and
damage caused by
natural hazards? Give
reasons for your answers
What would be the
possible consequences if
the UK was located on a
plate margin?
Suggest the global impact
of the simultaneous
eruption of the world’s
Brainstorm solutions to
some of the problems
faced by an area
affected by a tectonic
How might a vulcanologist
use some or all of the
following to predict the
eruption of a volcano: a
text book, a note book, a
bottle, a lap top computer
and a helicopter
List then combine some of
the main features of a
volcanic eruption and an
Find ten different uses for a
seismic isolator
Invent a simple device
that will reduce the
impact of earthquakes on
buildings in MEDCs
List some ways you could
see volcanoes without
travelling as a tourist.
Thinker’s Keys – Volcanoes and Earthquakes
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