highly recommended sample kit layout for perfume parties

For those of you who hold Perfume Parties, Roy Strong has made a very
useful suggestion:
Most parties are held in homes where the lighting is not as bright as in
an office and it is sometimes difficult to see the difference between the
GOLD labels for women and the SILVER labels for men on the sample
bottles in our Sample Kits.
Roy’s suggestion is that you put all of the RED women’s Classic
samples and all of the BLUE men’s Classic samples in the main part of
the Sample Kit in numerical order - and all of the GOLD women’s and
all of the SILVER men’s samples separately on either side of the twosided insert.
This will separate the GOLD on one side and the SILVER on the other
making sure that there is no confusion between the two.
Obviously you still use the `Colour My Perfume©’ labels as usual on
ALL of the sample bottles.
Having said how useful this will be for parties, I personally highly recommend
this layout for every type of use … I am now changing the layout of my
Sample Kit to this.
Thanks Roy!