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Action Verbs


An action verb tells what action a person or thing is performing. Action verbs can express different kinds of actions. Some actions are physical (visible) and can be seen easily. Others are mental actions that can be seen only with difficulty, if at all.

The white cloud floated lazily across the sky. (physical action)

Mary thought about the painting. (mental action)

Draw a line under the action verb in each sentence. Write P for physical (visible) or M for mental in the blank to indicate if the verb expresses physical action or mental action .

Example: Horses help humans in many ways. __P__

1. Long ago, medieval knights fought battles atop powerful horses. _____

2. Lighter horses carried lords and ladies on fox hunts. _____

3. Travelers sometimes rode horses on long journeys. _____

4. Later, the wealthy traveled in horse-drawn carriages. _____

5. Farmers also relied on horses in the past. _____

6. Gentle Shetland ponies delight young children. _____

7. Shetlands stand only four hands (21 inches) high! _____

8. Sturdy and energetic, ponies perform many tasks. _____

9. Native Americans used horses in bison hunts. _____

10.The Native Americans preferred the colorful Pinto and Appaloosa breeds. _____

11.Shire horses pulled wagons and carts through the narrow streets of London. _____

12.Police officers ride horses through busy city streets. _____

13.Horses learn signals through constant repetition. _____

14.Eventually they respond to even the slightest signal from the rider. _____

15.A good rider commands his or her mount effortlessly. _____

16.The horse follows the rider’s hand, leg, and body signals. _____

17.I wonder about my future almost every day. _____

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18.The old locomotive pulled into the station. _____

19.Marie purchased a new wallet at the flea market. _____

20.After several hours at the beach, we drove home on the bus. _____

21.My grandmother remembers her childhood in Poland. _____

22.Some people worry almost all the time. _____

23.Cut the beef for the stew into small cubes. _____

24.This airline flies to Madrid twice weekly. _____

25.I considered my choices carefully. _____

26.Jetliners fly quickly across the Atlantic. _____

27.For many weeks, Columbus and his crew worried about reaching land. _____

28.Juan dreamed of his family in Cuba. _____

29.The quarter back threw a long pass. _____

30.The receiver barely caught the ball. _____

Fill in the blanks below with appropriate action verbs. Supply the kind of action verb indicated in the parentheses.

31.A large delivery van _______________ in front of our building. (physical)

32.I often _______________ about my childhood on the farm. (mental)

33.Our committee strongly _______________ about making some changes. (mental)

34.Christine _______________ a leading role in West Side Story . (physical)

35.Our family _______________ to take a vacation in August. (mental)


Finally, after mother’s warning, I _______________ my room. (physical)

37.After the big snow storm, Mark _______________ the driveway. (physical)

38.I _______________ exactly how to put it together. (mental)

39.People once _______________ in goblins. (mental)

40.The batter _______________ into third base. (physical)

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