4 year
Read the text and decide which answer (А, В, С or D) best completes each collocation or fixed phrase .
Whenever we read about the natural world nowadays, it is generally to be given
dire predictions about its (1) ... ........... destruction. Some scientists go so (2) ...........
as to assert that from now on, the world can no longer be called 'natural', insofar as
future processes of weather, climate and all the interactions of plant and animal life
will no longer carry on in their time-honoured way, unaffected by humans. There will
never be such a thing as 'natural weather' again, say such writers, only weather affected
by global warming. It is hard to know whether to believe such (3)….of doom, possibly
because what they are saying seems too terrible to be true. There are other equally
influential scientists who argue that climate, for example, has changed many times
over the (4)… , and that what we are experiencing now may simply be part of an endless
(5)… of change, rather than a disaster on a global (6)…. .
1) A coming
2) A much
3) A prophets
4) A generations
5) A revolution
6) A measure
B close
B deep
B champions
B millennia
B circle
B scale
С imminent
C long
С warriors
С centuries
С round
C proportion
D nigh
D far
D giants
D eras
D cycle
D extent
Choose the right variant A, B, C or D.
7. We had …….. nice meal last night.
A very B too C rather a D quite
8. We haven’t got ………. money but we manage to get by.
A more of B many C several D much
9. If you want …….. sensible advice, go to Jack.
A a B the C a little of D some
10. I was hoping to deal with this matter quickly. …….. it is more difficult than I thought.
A No matter, B No matter C However, D However
11. …….. happens, I shall stand by you!
A Whatever B What C Which D That
12. Several cars, ……. owners had parked them under the trees, were damaged.
A their B of which C whom D whose
13. My friends gave me a surprise party, …….. was good of them.
A that B this C which D what
14. Kate works for a/an ……….. engineering company.
A main B forefront C outgoing D leading
15. I’m thinking of changing my job because there are few …….. of promotion.
A prospects B opportunities C chances D sources
16. I don’t have to tell you the advantages ……….. a university education.
A of B in C from D with
17. I am really looking forward to …….. to camp again this summer.
A go B be going C to going D to go
18. She ……… her work passionately and will never give it up.
A likes B is fond of C keen on D loves
19. We watched a very ……… programme on television last night which made us laugh a lot.
A amusing B enjoying C tiring D sympathetic
20. Don’t be so …….. – you can call me Pete.
A formal B typical C tiresome D afraid
21. His English is not very …….. but his French is excellent.
A well B fluently C high D good
22. The dentist told him to open his mouth ………. .
A wide B widely C deep D deeply
23. I have a committee meeting till eleven o’clock but I should be able to get …….. before then.
A away B in C off D up
24. I got …….. the Art Faculty at the University of London to study history.
A through B on C into D from
25. It was too nice … day to stay in.
A a B the C an D –
26. I .......... to say that your application has been unsuccessful.
A like B happen C regret D hope
27. The Prime Minister made no ........ to the incident in his speech.
A reference B mention C impression D gesture
28. Many people consider that the ........ of marriage is under threat.
A institution B constitution C attribution D restitution
297. Sally’s mother doesn’t … of eating between meals.
A approve B agree C accept D allow
30. The match had to be cancelled because of the severe ………
A ice B frost C snow D freezing